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Noel’s News Archive

The News Archive for Noel Mack

Noel’s News Archive

The News Archive for Noel Mack

Noel Mack

Chief Brand Officer

Birmingham, UK
26 Oct 2022 | Forbes

Gymshark Hits The Floor With London Flagship Debut

Gymshark's chief brand officer, Noel Mack, is featured in this Forbes article previewing the opening of Gymsharks's flagship store in London's West End. 

6 Sep 2022 | Ad Week

Gymshark Aims to Counter Fitness Image Stereotype

Gymshark’s Chief Brand Officer, Noel Mack, admitted that Gymshark had been guilty of using ‘preened models’ in previous ad campaigns.

13 Jul 2022 | The Drum

‘Why the hell wouldn’t we?’: Gymshark on combatting depression while building brand

Noel Mack, Gymshark’s Chief Brand Officer, says that it’s possible to do good, and build a brand at the same time.

13 May 2022 | City AM

Discounted sportswear flies off market stall in Gymshark pop up stunt

Chief brand officer at Gymshark, Noel Mack, explained that the brand wanted to meet the Gymshark community in a very different way to the flagship store in London, which opens later this year.

9 May 2022 | Adweek

18 Marketing Chiefs Who Have Persevered—and Prospered—Through Unprecedented Upheaval

Noel Mack, Chief Brand Officer at Gymshark, is one of Adweek's 2022 CMO Awards honorees.

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