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Present yourself in an elegant and considered manner with a managed digital profile on The Marque

The Value of a Marque Profile

Functioning as your ‘digital twin’, a Marque Profile comprehensively and accurately presents your career history, business interests, media interviews, charitable causes and more. You define the focus and we build the profile.


Gives you full control over your narrative.


Ranks prominently in search engines and Artificial Intelligence platforms.


Builds and reinforces digital resilience, mitigating other incorrect or incomplete information sources.


Ensures up-to-date and accurate information about you.


Acts as a stamp of credibility, presenting your professional accomplishments.


Leverages our expertise in digital personal branding and SEO.


Recognized as a trusted information source by AI tools.


Up to 30 section categories to cover all aspects of your professional life.

In an increasingly digital business enviroment, it is essential to have a curated digital profile - The Marque does just that. Consider your Marque profile as your digital business card.

Ronan Dunne

Chairman, Six Nations Rugby


Our Purpose

The Marque Purpose
Managed Online Profiles

At The Marque, we enable our clients to present themselves in an elegant and considered manner through a single, comprehensive source of information that appears prominently online.

A Reliable Resource

We provide readers of our profiles with readily accessible, accurate information about our clients, fostering a deeper understanding of their experiences, expertise and endeavors.

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The Marque is a super-efficient platform for managing one's digital profile. The one thing that would really save me time would be if every person I was going to meet in my professional life had a Marque Profile.

Sally Tennant OBE

Founder, Acorn Capital Advisers


Profile Options

Your Marque Profile appears prominently on Google, Bing and Artificial Intelligence platforms, offering an accurate and comprehensive source of information that enables you to control your narrative and build digital resilience.

Details and pricing
The Gold Profile

Designed for individuals who want to set themselves apart, our Gold Profile offers a cost-effective way to make the right impression online.

The Platinum Profile

If you operate in the public eye through your professional endeavors and charitable causes, the Platinum Profile is the one for you. This service includes daily web and media monitoring, ensuring your profile is always up to date.

The Marque FAQs

Personal reputation management is the practice of managing information found online about an individual, with the intention of building trust and credibility. A Marque Profile offers a trusted source of information, providing factual and engaging content for interested parties seeking information about you.

You are in full control of the content of your profile which will detail your career history, philanthropic interests, media interviews, awards, your chosen images/videos and more.

Your dedicated Profile Manager will build a draft based on publicly available information. Subsequently, they will work with you to refine the positioning and the messaging, and ensure the content is optimized for search. Once approved, your profile will be published, and our digital team will track its performance in search engine and AI platform results.

Depending on the amount of information publicly available, it typically takes a week to create the first draft of your profile. After the first draft is finished, your Profile Manager will work with you to refine the content, messaging and tone.

Changes can be made to your profile at any time, with the assistance of your dedicated Profile Manager. Gold Profiles are monitored weekly for publicly announced role/job changes, accompanied by a check-in every 6 months. In contrast, Platinum Profiles are monitored daily for any publicly announced activities, such as a new job, press coverage, speaking events, awards, interviews, and the like.

Yes. Your data is secure and we will never share your personal data with any third party for marketing purposes. In terms of privacy, The Marque is not a network – sparing you from unsolicited connection requests and approaches.

We have two service offerings: Platinum and Gold. Each is uniquely designed to align with your public profile, budget and service requirements. The cost for a Gold Profile is £1,000/$1,250 per annum and Platinum is £2,000/$2,700 per annum. A setup fee applies to both, visit our Services page for more information.

We have a proactive approach to Search Engine Optimization and work continuously to ensure your profile ranks prominently in Google, Bing and Artificial Intelligence platforms. 98% of our clients’ profiles rank in the top 10 of Google search results for their name alone, with an average ranking position of 3.

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