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In our modern world, the first impression you make is usually online. The information that can be accessed about you on the web is a proxy for your reputation – whether it is positive, negative, or even neutral. You, and not others, should control how you are presented online. Therefore, a managed digital profile with accurate, up-to-date information should be an essential part of your professional toolkit. It provides the leverage needed to communicate directly to your audience, as well as the wider public, rather than being vulnerable to inaccurate and misleading information.

A Marque Profile allows you to take command of your online narrative with the same care you apply to your daily life. Constructed by our team of experienced writers and researchers, in collaboration with you or your team, your Marque Profile will become the primary source of information about you online. In short, your Marque Profile represents your professional brand online, ensuring a reliable, current, and comprehensive overview of your work, career, and philanthropic endeavors.
'Surveillance is the business model of the internet. If you're not paying for your service, you are the product'
- Jim Waldo, Harvard University
Board control
The Marque is the ultimate resource management for boards.
At board level, members typically have high search reach, but are almost never consistent in how they or their roles are presented, if they are at all.
The Marque manages profiles for entire boards.
All the writing, crafting and updating of official, elegant profiles is done; the change of incoming and outgoing board members is managed, saving your organisation huge resource, and acting as a verifiable source for due diligence.
Boards and all their members are uniformly, elegantly represented.
The result: consistent, curated profiles which rank highly. Invaluable.
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Recent Profile News

PR Newswire
22 Oct 2020

"I look forward to working with Craig and the 1/ST Racing teams in Florida and Maryland to synchronize our racing programs and to establishing the 1/ST Content division as the future of content platforms for our sport," said Butler. "While I focus on the East Coast racing operations, I will continue to assist with matters in California and to work closely with horsemen in the state."



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Hans Vestberg
Verizon Communications
22 Oct 2020

Hans Vestberg, Verizon CEO, joins a distinguished list of speakers for the Yahoo Finance “All Markets Summit: Road to Recovery” Global Livestream Event on Monday, October 26th at 9AM (EST). Other speakers include NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Co-Chair Bill Gates, and Best Buy CEO Corie Barry.

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Manish Chande
Clearbell Capital
22 Oct 2020

“We’ve had more than 100 calls with existing and new investors over the past six months,” Clearbell Capital Senior Partner Manish Chande said. “Normally that amount of meetings would take us about two years.” 


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