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A Practical Strategy

The impression you make online is as powerful as the one you make in person. The Marque provides a full service designed to ensure you have control of your online narrative and personal brand. From an audit of your existing digital footprint and reputation online, through real-time web monitoring and social media listening tools, to fully-managed profiles which provide an accurate and trusted source of information about you, The Marque is the front runner in digital asset management for leaders in their field.
About The Marque

Digital Briefcase

A full-service offering comprising an audit of your current online presence, recommendations for improving digital assets, web monitoring, social media listening, sentiment analysis and monthly reporting.
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Digital Audits

Bespoke technology, tools and methods ensure we deliver a unique set of observations and recommendations - essential guidance on your digital persona, risk mitigation and increasing engagement.
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Business Profiles

An expertly curated career overview, ranking prominently in online search results, enabling you to take control of how you are presented online – an essential part of your professional repertoire.
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Sports Profiles

A comprehensive, accurate profile, including career highlights and sporting achievements - providing a trusted point of reference for media, fans and commercial partners.
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A fully-managed profile, ranking prominently in online search results, reflecting a foundation’s charitable activities - saving valuable time and resources associated with setting up and maintaining a website.
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Each of your board members’ profiles uniformly and elegantly represented, linked from the organization’s website and ranking prominently online – the ultimate resource for your corporate communications strategy.
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