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In the modern world, your first impression is usually a digital one. Our opinions are formed based on the material we find online. This can be an asset if you are in control of the information displayed when you are searched for on the Web. A Marque Profile allows you to take control with the same care and attention to detail that characterise how you present yourself in your day-to-day offline life. Constructed by our experienced in-house copy writers and researchers in conjunction with you, your Marque Profile explains concisely and precisely who you are. Expertly search engine optimised, your Marque Profile will become the de-facto source of information about you on the web. In short, your profile on The Marque is an ever-present online twin for the real ‘you’, ensuring efficiency, veracity and clarity.
'Surveillance is the business model of the internet. If you're not paying for your service, you are the product'
- Jim Waldo, Harvard University
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Clearbell Capital LLP
Property Week
17 Nov 2017

Chaos theory states that “something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon half way around the world”. Less dramatically put, one cause can have many effects.  Emerging technologies are a case in point. Emails, mobile phones and wifi have facilitated flexible working for this era’s workforce...One example of a creative workspace is Clearbell’s Lingfield Point in Darlington. This boasts creative spaces with services including a nursery and cycle route. The office space allows for flexible working, with a range of services offered on site....Manish Chande is a senior partner at Clearbell Capital.

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RFR The Property Private Office
16 Nov 2017

RFR's CEO, Richard Rogerson, shares his views on the current state of the London residential property market and the outlook for next year and beyond.


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RFR The Property Private Office
16 Nov 2017

RFR’s CEO, Richard Rogerson, joins Dan Hyde and Adam Rose of Westleton Drake on WDTV to discuss the UK residential property market and, in particular, the many changes to the UK taxation of residential property and the additional challenges faced by US citizens and families.

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