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In the modern world, your first impression is usually a digital one. Our opinions are formed based on the material we find online. This can be an asset if you are in control of the information displayed when you are searched for on the web. A Marque Profile allows you to take control with the same care and attention to detail that characterizes how you present yourself in your day-to-day offline life. Constructed by our experienced in-house copywriters and researchers in conjunction with you, your Marque Profile explains concisely and precisely who you are. Expertly search engine optimized, your Marque Profile will become the de facto source of information about you on the web. In short, your profile on The Marque is an ever-present online twin for the real ‘you’, ensuring efficiency, veracity and clarity.
'Surveillance is the business model of the internet. If you're not paying for your service, you are the product'
- Jim Waldo, Harvard University
Board control
The Marque is the ultimate resource management for boards.
At board level, members typically have high search reach, but are almost never consistent in how they or their roles are presented, if they are at all.
The Marque manages profiles for entire boards.
All the writing, crafting and updating of official, elegant profiles is done; the change of incoming and outgoing board members is managed, saving your organisation huge resource, and acting as a verifiable source for due diligence.
Boards and all their members are uniformly, elegantly represented.
The result: consistent, curated profiles which rank highly. Invaluable.
The Marque manages profiles for people who represent the following organizations

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This year, several top players have committed to compete in WTT, including Sofia Kenin, the reigning Australian Open champion; Sloane Stephens, the 2017 U.S. Open champion who’s 37th in the rankings; Sam Querrey, who’s 45th in the ATP Tour rankings; and the Bryan brothers, who won 16 Grand Slam doubles titles together.

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“Our mission at Verizon is to build the networks that move the world forward — for everyone,” said Hans Vestberg, CEO of Verizon Communications. “Ensuring our students and teachers have the resources they need to teach and learn, especially as we navigate through COVID-19, is an imperative part of that mission.

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