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Matthew Swift

Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO


New York, NY, USA

Matthew Swift
Nadja Swarovski
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Matthew Swift is the Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO of Concordia. The Concordia Annual Summit convenes the world’s most prominent business, government and nonprofit leaders to foster dialogue and enable effective partnerships for positive social impact. Concordia is built upon Matthew's passion for entrepreneurship, cooperation and global affairs and is recognized as a global leader in cultivating global partnerships.

The Concordia Annual Summit is the largest non-partisan gathering alongside the UN General Assembly. Matthew has successfully brought together some of the most respected leaders in government and business to join forces on Concordia’s Leadership Council. In its role at the forefront of the world's latest developments, Concordia has hosted numerous international and regional summits in Miami, Bogotá, Athens, Madrid and London.

Prior to founding Concordia, Matthew was an intern at NewsCorp and its subsidiaries Fox News Channel, British Sky Broadcasting and the New York Post. During this time, Matthew co-developed an entrepreneurship education program, Entrepreneur 360, aimed at inner-city high school students in New York. Before this, Matthew was a development intern at the Business Roundtable and worked for Sen. John Warner of Virginia.

Matthew holds many board and advisory roles, with a focus on entrepreneurship, mentorship and counter extremism. He is a Senior Advisor at software company Rubicon and SAS, an analytics firm, and serves on the board of the Seleni Institute, a health services organization. He is a Term Member of the Council on Foreign Relations and an Advisory Council Member of the Millennium Leadership Program at the Atlantic Council. In addition, he is an Air Mobility Command Civic Leader with the United States Air Force, participating in community engagement programs and educational initiatives.

Matthew holds a BA from Georgetown University.

Matthew Swift’s Newsfeed

10th Concordia Annual Summit—Now Virtual—Brings Together Luminaries and Leaders for Critical Discuss

The 10th Concordia Annual Summit convenes on Sept. 21, offering an immersive five-day digital experience with cutting-edge content, networking opportunities, panels, and town hall discussions. “If you look at all the subjects that we cover, these are subjects that are still incredibly important,” Matthew Swift, the CEO, co-founder and chairman of Concordia, says. “The critical importance of discussions around the state of the upcoming U.S. elections and civic engagement, or sustainability, or financing the future and the role of technology and data in society—these are all issues that are still there, pandemic or no pandemic.”

Concordia Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO, Matthew Swift, Appointed as a Senior Advisor to Rubicon

“I’m honored to be appointed as a Senior Advisor to Rubicon,” said Matthew. “I’ve known Nate for a long time and the company and its mission is something that I hold very close. He’s built a tremendous company within a sector that has long lacked innovation and adaptation to a changing world. I’m looking forward to working with him and Rubicon on reaching the goal of net zero waste, and I’m honored to work with an organization that places such an emphasis on creating innovative solutions to eliminating waste.”

Matthew Swift’s Background

Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO
Sep 2010 - Present
New York, NY, USA
Concordia is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that is committed to fostering, elevating and sustaining cross-sector partnerships for positive social impact.
News Corp
Intern | Director of Entrepreneur 360
Jan 2008 - Apr 2010
New York, NY, USA
News Corp is a leading global media and information services company that is dedicated to creating and distributing authoritative and engaging content to audiences across the world.
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Matthew Swift’s Gallery

Current Board Positions

Atlantic Council
Council Member of Millennium Leadership Program
Washington, DC, USA
The Atlantic Council serves as a platform to discuss global challenges and deliberate on how to navigate the geopolitical shifts that impact the world we live in.
United States Air Force
Air Mobility Command Civic Leader
Washington, DC, USA
The United States Air Force is one of the eight US uniformed services and represents the air service branch of the United States Armed Forces.
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Previous Board Positions

C51 logo C51 logo
Co-Founder & Board Member
Washington, DC, USA
C51 was a political action committee that advocates for fiscal conservatism, greater energy independence and strengthened security of the United States.

Current Advisory Roles

Rubicon Technologies
Senior Advisor
Atlanta, GA, USA
Rubicon is a software company based in Atlanta that provides smart waste and recycling solutions to companies and governments across the world.
Senior Advisor
Cary, NC, USA
SAS is a data and analytics company that aims to make it easier for more people to use powerful analytics every day, to shorten the path from data to insight, and to inspire bold new discoveries that drive progress.
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Previous Advisory Roles

United States Department of State
Advisory Committee on Public-Private Partnerships (SAP3)
Washington, DC, USA
The United States Department of State is a federal executive department that oversees U.S. foreign policy and international relations. The department is headed by the Secretary of State, a member of the Cabinet that is appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.
Pickens Plan logo Pickens Plan logo
Pickens Plan
Chair of Young Professionals
2005 - 2007
Dallas, TX, USA
The Pickens Plan was introduced by American businessman T. Boone Pickens in July 2008 and is an energy policy proposal that aims to make the US less dependent on imported oil and reduce their expenditure on it.
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GCF Mini Series | Empowering Partnerships
Jun 2020
This episode of the Global Citizen Forum features Matthew Swift discussing the value and power of strong partnerships in organizations and beyond.
Meet the Founders of the Annual Concordia Summit
New York, NY, USA
Matthew Swift and Nicholas Logothetis, Co-founders of Concordia, joined Foreign Press Association correspondent Jeff Oppenheim at the 2019 Concordia Summit to discuss the founding of Concordia and its mission, its new regional initiatives and recent partnerships, and what it sees will be Concordia's role as global trends continue to shift.
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"What Are We Doing Wrong? A New Era for Convening & Collaboration"
Feb 2021
In this piece for the Concordia Summit blog, Matthew Swift looks back on the challenges people from all over the world faced in 2020 with a focus on how people convene in the midst of the Covid pandemic. He charts a path forward, one upon which we can connect with those we might disagree and reach a point of constructive collaboration to meet and overcome the world's most pressing challenges.
Why Conversations Matter
Sep 2020
In this article, Matthew discusses the necessity of healthy dialogue, listening to each other, and avoiding the traps of absolutes. He mentions how he founded Concordia due to a strong belief in genuine conversation, the power of partnership and collaboration for impact - all ideas that can improve civil discourse.
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Council on Foreign Relations
Term Member
Jan 2013 - Present
New York, NY, USA
The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is an independent, nonpartisan membership organization, think tank, and publisher. Its members consist of over seventy full-time and adjunct fellows.
National Press Club
Past Member
Washington, DC, USA
The National Press Club is a professional organization for journalists and communications professionals in Washington, D.C.

Awards & Endorsements

Red Alert Politics logo Red Alert Politics logo
Red Alert Politics
30 Under 30
Washington, DC, USA
Matthew was recognized for the impactful work he does through Concordia and was nominated as one of 30 Under 30 by Red Alert Politics.

Speaking Engagements

The Future of Development Finance in Latin America & the Caribbean
Dec 2020
Matthew Swift and Mauricio Claver-Carone, President of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), discuss the many challenges facing Carone as he takes office at a time when Latin America and the Caribbean are facing a daunting pandemic that is leading to deepening economic recessions.
Local Leadership in Combating COVID-19
Sep 2020
Matthew Swift was joined by Everett, Washington mayor Cassandra Franklin to discuss how Everett, the first city in the US with a case of COVID-19, the importance of local leadership and community engagement during times of crisis.
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Matthew Swift’s Education

Georgetown University
2006 - 2010

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