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Konstantin’s News Archive

The News Archive for Konstantin Stetsenko

Konstantin Stetsenko

Founding Partner

Kyiv, UA
2 Feb 2022 | Citywire

Why investors should look beyond media hysteria around Ukraine

Konstantin Stetsenko, a founding partner of ICU, is quoted in an article by Citywire regarding the recent tensions on the border of Ukraine, and the damaging effects this is starting to have on the country's economy.


15 Feb 2021 | ValueWalk

Ukraine’s domestic bonds yields will keep foreign investors interested in 2021, says Konstantin...

...Stetsenko, ICU. In an article by ValueWorks, Konstantin Stetsenko, Founder of ICU, is featured regarding his predictions for the future of the Ukrainian fixed income market.

28 Jan 2021 | Varsity

Stocks of cyclical companies with good fundamentals to revive in 2021, says Konstantin Stetsenko, IC

Founder of ICU, Konstantin Stetsenko is mentioned in an article by Varsity regarding his views on investing for the upcoming year, his ideas and the trends to be expected for the future.

30 Oct 2020 | London Loves Business

Ukrainian bonds attract locals, still foreigners aren’t fleeing, says Konstantin Stetsenko... of ICU. Konstantin Stetsenko, co-Founder of ICU, is mentioned in an article by London Loves Business regarding Ukrainian bonds. Konstantin said: “The high share of NPLs is one of the most serious impediments for a recovery in lending, despite the likelihood of additional NPLs as a result of coronavirus, we expect the NPL ratio to continue declining due to write-offs.”

9 Jul 2020 | Business Matters

ICU co-founder Konstantin Stetsenko is positive about the economic outlook for Ukraine

Konstantin Stetsenko, a Founding Partner of ICU, the leading independent asset management, private equity and investment advisory firm in Central and Eastern Europe, believes there is reason to be positive about the outlook for economic and monetary conditions in Ukraine.

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