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Konstantin’s News Archive

The News Archive for Konstantin Stetsenko

Konstantin’s News Archive

The News Archive for Konstantin Stetsenko

Konstantin Stetsenko

Founding Partner

Kyiv, UA
24 Feb 2020

Ukraine's domestic bond market off to a strong start in 2020 according to ICU's Konstantin Stetsenko

The 10-year euro-denominated bond was oversubscribed, priced at a yield of 4.375 percent which surprised many analysts and Ukraine watchers. Konstantin Stetsenko, founding partner of ICU, the leading asset manager in Ukraine, noted that Ukraine would not have been able to sell the bond at such a low yield a year before.

11 Nov 2019

Local Investors’ Share of Ukrainian Domestic Bonds Likely to Increase on Back of Recent Reforms

Since the beginning of 2019, international investors have been among the most notable players in the Ukrainian government bond market ... “However, this trend is slowly shifting as we now see investments from local non-financial enterprises, insurance companies and private investors who are increasingly investing into domestic government bonds,” said Konstantin Stetsenko, Founding Partner, ICU Group...

1 Oct 2019

Foreign holdings of Ukraine bonds bolstered by Clearstream, says ICU’s Konstantin Stetsenko

The NBU’s affiliation with Clearstream played an important role in increasing investor confidence in Ukraine’s capital markets as it took them more than three years to put the mechanism in place, and it appears to have paid off already. This wasn’t the case two years ago according to Konstantin Stetsenko, founding partner of ICU, Ukraine’s leading asset manager. Mr. Stetsenko said that the holding of foreign investors in Ukrainian bonds was barely above zero...

9 May 2019

Second largest solar plant in Ukraine officially online

The second largest solar power plant in Ukraine was officially put into operation last month. The power plant is a joint-venture by ICU and VR Capital Group and is situated in the Kamianets-Podilskyi district of the Khmelnitsky region.  ICU, an independent asset management, private equity and investment advisory firm specialising in Central and Eastern Europe which is majority owned by Makar Paseniuk and Konstantin Stetsenko, together with VR Capital Group, an alternative asset manager specializing in global emerging markets, have invested US$55m on the project.

14 Mar 2019

Ukraine stuns market with pre-election cash grab

Ukraine courted controversy this week, turning to the private market to tap its November 2028 bond. The trade caught the attention of investors and bankers, with some saying that JP Morgan had retained the deal and priced it well below the market rate... Ukraine has been holding off from bringing a deal to market in the hope of securing a better rate. “Markets were not favourable for Ukraine earlier this year to offer a new issue,” said Konstantin Stetsenko, managing partner at Investment Capital Ukraine...

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