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Gavin Baker

Founder, Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer

Atreides Management, LP

Boston, MA, USA

Gavin Baker
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Gavin Baker’s Biography

Gavin Baker is the Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Atreides Management, LP. Atreides Management is a crossover fund that invests in high-growth technology and consumer companies across public and private markets with a long-term perspective.

Gavin has over two decades of experience in venture capital and public equities, over 16 years of experience as a portfolio manager and is a highly regarded investor in the technology, retail and consumer sectors. As Managing Partner and CIO, he oversees Atreides' investment and research activities and is responsible for the firm’s day-to-day portfolio management.

During the latter part of his 18-year tenure at Fidelity Investments, Gavin served as Portfolio Manager of the Fidelity OTC Portfolio. During this period, the $17 billion fund outperformed its competitors and won 6 Lipper awards, an honor given to funds that exhibit the highest standard of excellence for fund management. In 2014, Gavin was named Fund Manager of the Year by The Boston Globe in recognition of his success managing the Fidelity OTC Fund. Prior to being at the helm of the OTC Portfolio, he was Portfolio Manager of the Fidelity Select Wireless Portfolio, the Fidelity Select Telecommunications Portfolio and the Fidelity Select Pharmaceuticals Portfolio.

Gavin invested in Roku, Nutanix, 23andME,, AppNexus and Dataminr and acted as a Board Observer at each company. He was also instrumental in Fidelity's venture investments in Uber, SpaceX, Redfin and Twilio.

He serves as a Director on the board of Xsight Labs, a semiconductor company in Israel focused on cloud infrastructure. He is also a sought-after speaker, appears often on numerous investing and tech-focused podcasts, and has been featured in leading publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Business Insider.

An alumnus of Dartmouth College, Gavin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and History.

Gavin Baker’s Newsfeed

Atreides’ Gavin Baker on the future of SPACs and how the retail investor is winning the year

Gavin Baker, Managing Partner & CIO of Atreides Management, joins Sharpe Angle for a conversation for Delivering Alpha on SPACs and more, including how the retail investor is winning 2021.

Wall Street Journal
Electric-Vehicle Startups Promise Record-Setting Revenue Growth

Gavin Baker, a large investor in Tesla in the early 2010s when he was portfolio manager at Fidelity Investments, said it is unlikely the companies “are going to be able to ramp at a rate two-to-three times faster than Tesla did” after it launched its Model S. “It is easy to make PowerPoint slides; it’s relatively easy to make a few prototypes that look good and drive well,” said Mr. Baker, now the chief investment officer at ‎Atreides Management LP. “It’s mass producing high-quality, reliable cars that’s hard.”

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Gavin Baker’s Social Media

Gavin Baker’s Background

Atreides Management, LP
Founder, Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer
Jan 2019 - Present
Boston, MA, USA
Atreides Management, LP is a hedge fund that aims to provide the long-term perspective of a private equity investor to consumer and technology companies across public and private markets.
Fidelity Investments
Portfolio Manager, Fidelity OTC Fund
Sep 1999 - Sep 2017
Boston, MA, USA
Fidelity Investments is a multinational financial services corporation offering financial planning, advisory, retirement plans, wealth management services as well as trading and brokerage services.

Gavin Baker’s Gallery

Current Board Positions

Xsight Labs
Board member
Kiryat Gat, IL
Xsight Labs is a fabless semiconductor company with head office in Kiryat Gat, Israel, with a focus on solving modern data center challenges.

Previous Board Positions

Board Observer
San Jose, CA, USA
Nutanix is a leader in cloud software and hyper-converged infrastructure. The company has created a software-defined enterprise cloud that can run any application at any scale.
Roku Inc.
Board Observer
Roku manufactures a range of hardware digital media players to provide access to streaming media content from various online services.
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Covid-19 Caused Chaos for Investors in 2020. These Hedge Funds Earned Billions
Dec 2020
New York, NY, USA
Gavin Baker and his company Atreides Management are featured in this article that looks at funds that have weathered the Covid-19 storm. Discussing his investments in Square Inc., the article discusses how Gavin, upon hearing good news on vaccine distribution, invested in retailers and travel companies that would benefit on the economy's reopening.
Gavin Baker: Semiconducters Are the Closest Thing to Magic in the Modern World
Sep 2020
Gavin is interviewed by Christoph Gisiger about the exciting prospects for investors in the chip sector.
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Lessons From George Vanderheim, one of the greatest investors I have ever known.
Dec 2020
Gavin shares some investment wisdom gained from investor, George Vanderheim, in this article.
Viruses, Recessions, Imagination and “the End of the Beginning.”
Mar 2020
In the first weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic, Gavin Baker discusses what he sees on the horizon for economic policy, when America will begin to restart, and when the American public might see some semblance of 'normalcy'.
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Awards & Endorsements

Boston Globe
Fund Manager of the Year
Dec 2014
Boston, MA, USA
Named Fund Manager of the Year for his work on the Fidelity OTC portfolio, which focused on large technology companies. Gavin's achievement was also recognized by articles in Barron’s, the New York Times, Investor’s Business Daily and the Wall Street Journal.

Speaking Engagements

Gavin Baker on Investing in Omnichannel Retailers
Featured Speaker
Nov 2020
Gavin Baker gave a presentation focused on investing in Omnichannel Retail to help raise money for the Sohn Hearts and Minds Foundation in Australia. The Sohn Hearts & Minds Conference is an annual one-day event which brings the investment community together for philanthropic purpose.


Venture Investor
New York, NY, USA
WeWork is a leading provider of office space and workspace solutions. It provides flexible shared workspaces for startups and emerging companies and designs and builds physical and virtual shared spaces and office services for entrepreneurs and companies.
Roku Inc.
Venture Investor
Roku manufactures a range of hardware digital media players to provide access to streaming media content from various online services. Roku also licenses its hardware and software to other companies.
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Gavin Baker’s Education

Dartmouth College
A.B. | History & Economics
1994 - 1999