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Gavin’s News Archive

The News Archive for Gavin Baker

Gavin’s News Archive

The News Archive for Gavin Baker

Gavin Baker

Founder, Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer

Atreides Management, LP
Boston, MA, USA
12 Sep 2021 | The Market NZZ

The One Thing That Matters Is Inflation

Gavin Baker shares his thoughts on current inflation predictions and how this can affect financial markets. He also discusses how rising prices can impact the tech sector and new developments in the semiconductor industry.

9 Aug 2021 | CNBC

Atreides’ Gavin Baker on the future of SPACs and how the retail investor is winning the year

Sharpe Angle invited Gavin Baker to speak about the success of Atreides Management in 2021, his thoughts on SPACs and much more.

15 Mar 2021 | Wall Street Journal

Electric-Vehicle Startups Promise Record-Setting Revenue Growth

Gavin Baker of Atreides Management is quoted in this article speaking about his experience and success investing in Tesla since the early 2010s. He claims that despite promising presentations and proposals, competitors for Tesla’s market share will have difficulty matching Tesla’s rate of growth—or its supersede its high-quality.

29 Apr 2020 | CNBC

Software thinks its revenue is crisis-proof. This time may be different

The question was raised in a provocative essay by Boston fund manager Gavin Baker of Atreides Management. Baker argues that the market may be overstating just how insulated software companies are from the economic fallout of coronavirus...But Baker worries there will be “a lot of economic hardship and bankruptcies. Regardless of how long this economic hard stop lasts, I don’t believe anyone — investor or executive — underwrote the scenario we are living through.”