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Toronto, CA
24 Feb 2021 | Cannabis Prospect Magazine

Canada’s Only Female-Led International Medical Cannabis Company Adds Global Distribution Network

JMCC Group Chair & CEO Diane Scott announced today that the company is building a state-of-the-art distribution centre on the Channel Island of Jersey to serve medical cannabis patients in the United Kingdom and business partners in the European Union. The move makes it the first private Canadian medical cannabis company to own its entire plant-to-patient supply chain. 

22 Feb 2021 | Cannabis Patient Care

Top Female CEO in Medical Cannabis Focuses on Patients, Community, and Science

In this interview, Diane Scott, owner-CEO and Chair of JMCC, has based her company on the primary goal of providing the best medical cannabis for patients on a global scale. Scott recently spoke with us about the medical cannabis landscape, the important research her company is involved in, the roles women play in the industry, and more.

14 Aug 2019

It's time to get serious about medicinal cannabis

Cannabis is usually a recreational drug; some of the people who push cannabis as a medicinal drug overstate its efficacy, claiming that it cures practically everything. “We believe there are significant therapeutic benefits, but we do it a disservice by calling it a wonder drug” says Diane Scott, CEO of the Jamaican Medical Cannabis Collective.

30 Jan 2019

JMCC CEO Diane Scott Appointed as Founding Partner of U.K.’s Centre for Medicinal Cannabis

The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) today announced the appointment of Diane Scott, Chair and Chief Executive Office of Canadian-headquartered Jamaican Medical Cannabis Corporation, as a Founding Partner of the London-based CMC.

1 Jan 2019

Women to Watch in 2019 | Cannabis professionals from all facets of the industry are set to make...

Diane Scott, Chairman and CEO, Jamaican Medical Cannabis Collective  |  Headquartered in Toronto, with operations in Jamaica: Looking ahead, Scott has her eye on the United Kingdom as a new market. She already is working as an adviser to a group helping to shape the MMJ industry in that country. “We have a very ambitious program,” she said.

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