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Diane Scott


Diane is an internationally recognized entrepreneur, venture capitalist and philanthropist with a track record for delivering results. She is co-founder of Sx2 Ventures, an international venture capital firm business based in London, UK which focuses on innovation and value creation in the human care sector, investing in life sciences, longevity, specialized care and emerging market healthcare solutions. Sx2’s founders share the belief that business and capital must always benefit humanity: hence every investment by Sx2 has a strong social “give-back” component.

She is also currently Chairman and CEO of the Company’s largest investment. JMCC is the premier provider of medicinal cannabis from Jamaica to the world and boasts an international team of executives, scientists, agronomists and other professionals from a variety of highly regulated industries. Described by Forbes as the company’s “savvy CEO”, Diane Scott brings over 20 years of global experience in the C-suite of enterprises in global emerging industries.

Recently named as one of North America’s 2019 top female CEOs in the industry by MJ Business, Diane helms a rapidly growing business with contracted revenues from customers in Canada, Germany, Australia and Brazil, and its continuing international expansion.

Diane is a regular international speaker, participating in the prestigious International Economic Forum of the America's Toronto event, among many others. Diane was also recently appointed as Founding Partner of the Centre of Medicinal Cannabis in London, a group working to help shape the UK’s new medicinal cannabis regime.

She is a seasoned entrepreneur with a reputation for building powerful teams and knocking down barriers in both business and social communities.

Diane Scott’s Newsfeed

It's time to get serious about medicinal cannabis

Cannabis is usually a recreational drug; some of the people who push cannabis as a medicinal drug overstate its efficacy, claiming that it cures practically everything. “We believe there are significant therapeutic benefits, but we do it a disservice by calling it a wonder drug” says Diane Scott, CEO of the Jamaican Medical Cannabis Collective.

JMCC CEO Diane Scott Appointed as Founding Partner of U.K.’s Centre for Medicinal Cannabis

The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) today announced the appointment of Diane Scott, Chair and Chief Executive Office of Canadian-headquartered Jamaican Medical Cannabis Corporation, as a Founding Partner of the London-based CMC.

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Diane Scott’s Background

2017 - Present
Toronto, CA
SX2’s focus is exclusively on projects that provide solutions in the evolving areas of life sciences including nutraceuticals, longevity, specialized care including eldercare, mental illness and end-of-life care and emerging market healthtech.
Founding Partner
Dec 2018 - Present
London, UK
The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) was launched as a not-for-profit membership body in December 2018. Founded to increase access to medicinal cannabis in the UK to all who will benefit from it, CMC will deliver this remit through a programme of research, political engagement, key stakeholder management, education, public events & advocacy.
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Other Business Interests

Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario logo Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario logo
Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario
Board Member
Jul 2015 - Present
Toronto, CA
Appointed by the Minister of Finance to protect public interest on the Board of Directors of the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO). RIBO is the self-regulatory body within Canada's financial services sector, for insurance brokers in Ontario, Canada.
Royal Patron & Royal Patrons Circle Board Member
Jun 2015 - Present
Toronto, CA
The ROM is Canada’s largest museum with collections that span art, culture and nature from across time and around the globe. Among North America’s most renowned museums, the ROM is home to more than 12 million objects and specimens, 40 galleries & exhibitions spaces, and offers a range of fascinating exhibitions, lectures, tours and other events.
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Diane Scott’s Education

BA International Relations & Affairs
Strategic Business Management
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