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Diane’s News Archive

The News Archive for Diane Scott

Diane Scott


SX2 Ventures
Toronto, CA
11 Dec 2018

Interview with Diane Scott, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Jamaican Medical Cannabis Corp

This week, JMCC’s CEO, Diane Scott is in Toronto for the Toronto Global Forum to participate on a panel during the closing plenary session entitled “The New Cannabis Economy”, and we had an opportunity to speak with her and get an update.

29 Nov 2018

Resolve Digital Health enters strategic partnership with Jamaican Medical Cannabis Corporation

“Our mission and ambitions have grown quickly from being the best cultivator and quality-focused provider of Jamaica’s unique medical cannabis to the world, to providing a fully integrated product outsourcing solution to visionary companies like Resolve,” said Diane Scott, Chair and CEO of JMCC.

26 Aug 2018 | Forbes

The Three Most Overlooked Marijuana Markets

...the Canadian-Jamaican partnership, Jamaican Medical Cannabis Corporation (JMCC), under the leadership of savvy CEO Diane Scott, is working with world-renowned Jamaican scientist Dr. Henry Lowe, whose product is recognized by as an orphan drug by the FDA, which is unusual for a cannabis-based drug. If their clinical trials of his drug have a positive impact on acute myeloid leukemia, JMCC will be recognized as one of the most major players in the industry, which will garner Canada a position at the top. 

26 Jun 2018

$260m Ganja Study - Jamaica Eyeing Investment In Medicinal Marijuana Market

Diane Scott, chief executive officer of Jamaican Medical Cannabis Corporation made it clear that despite the fact that Canada recently legalised the recreational use of ganja, her company had no interest in that area. “We are focused 100 per cent on medicinal cannabis. It is our stated goal: coming out Jamaica [will] be the best growers of medicinal cannabis in the world. We are bringing a premium product, a product that is not available anywhere else in the world, except on this island.