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Andrew Wessels

Founder & CEO

The Marque
London, UK
31 Aug 2021 | CEO Magazine

How your digital footprint can impact your career

Andrew Wessels, Founder & CEO of The Marque, discusses the importance of controlling your digital footprint.

29 Jul 2021 | Wired Middle East

How to get a digital cleanse in the cancel-culture age

Founder of The Marque, Andrew Wessels, highlights the importance of a positive digital presence that isn't too squeaky clean.

26 Jul 2021 | Insider

Top PR Tech Startups to Watch, According to Investors

Business Insider names The Marque as one of the top 8 most promising tech startups in public relations, according to investors.

17 Jun 2021

Why senior executives should take note of the latest twitter saga to avoid being cancelled

Andrew Wessels, founder of The Marque, a full-service digital platform for business leaders and sportspeople, says: “Your online presence should be viewed as a digital portfolio."  

27 May 2021 | Monocle

Make your Mark

According to founder Andrew Wessels, The Marque gives it clients – leaders in their fields, from business chiefs to sports stars – the opportunity to “control their online narrative” by helping them to compile a profile.

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