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Andrew Wessels

The Marque Global Ltd

London, UK

Founder & CEO

The Marque Global Ltd

Andrew Wessels
Andrew Wessels is the CEO & Founder of The Marque. He began his career at JP Morgan Asset Management before moving to Carphone Warehouse where he helped set up the Wireless Internet Portfolio, later to become Frontiers Capital where he sat on the boards of various investee companies. As an entrepreneur, Andrew has been involved in start-ups including Marquis Jet, later sold to Netjets and co-founded telecoms business, Storm Solutions which he successfully exited in 2012. Andrew is a keen sportsman having played first-class cricket in his native South Africa.

Personal Business Advice

“The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee, and I will pay more for that commodity,” said John D. Rockefeller, "than for any other under the sun.”

Andrew Wessels’s Newsfeed

05 May 2017
Au cœur des réseaux sociaux réservés aux super-riches

La richesse n’est pas un critère important, assure néanmoins Andrew Wessels. Ce qui importe, c’est l’intérêt que vous pouvez susciter chez les autres membres. Un humanitaire est plus que le bienvenu chez nous. Et s’il est trop occupé à sauver le monde, l’équipe de The Marque se chargera de mettre à jour son profil pour lui.

26 Apr 2017
Elite social media: where the internet’s 1 percent hangs out

BOAW’s promises of trust and escape are echoed by Andrew Wessels, founder of the UK-based social media platform The Marque… “It’s not a networking club,” Wessels says. “Basically our members spend their lives being sold to by people who want something from them. At our events, everyone feels so relaxed because they’re surrounded by peers"…"It’s a success-based network,” Wessels says… “There’s a very small group of people who don’t really have anywhere to go online.  And that’s where The Marque comes in."

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Andrew Wessels’ Background

Founder & CEO
Jan 2014 - Present
London, UK
Andrew is the Founder and CEO of The Marque, a niche business network which manages your online presence - a self-electing, subscription-based community of leading business people from a broad range of sectors, interacting globally.
Storm Solutions Ltd logo Storm Solutions Ltd logo
Storm Solutions Ltd
Jan 2004 - Jul 2012
Managed Telecom provider
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Other Business Interests

Member of the Development Board
Jan 2012 - Apr 2014
London, UK
Assisted with Fundraising in support of the RESOUND education programme.

Andrew Wessels’ Education