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Andrew Wessels

The Marque Global Ltd

London, UK

Founder & CEO

The Marque Global Ltd

Andrew Wessels


Andrew Wessels is the Founder and CEO of The Marque. A natural communicator and a successful entrepreneur in his own right, Andrew traded a first-class cricket career in his native South Africa for a British-based business trajectory; from J.P Morgan Investment Management to Carphone Warehouse where he helped set up the Wireless Internet Portfolio (later to become Frontiers Capital). Since then, Andrew has focused his energies on innovative start-ups and helped launch Marquis Jet in Europe following their successful launch in the USA (later sold to Netjets) and Storm Solutions, a telecoms business which he successfully exited in 2012.

Whilst pondering his next business move, Andrew spotted a gap in the market that gave rise in 2015 to The Marque; a platform designed to meet the needs of successful individuals wanting to establish a readily searchable and accurate digital profile, without the concern of unsolicited approaches associated with other platforms. A global innovator in managing online profiles, Andrew is now steering business profiling into its digital future with a profile management business for the 21st Century. Embracing an emerging future in online image media in which our online profiles are certain to be as, if not more, important than their real-life counterparts, The Marque has rapidly become a global prototype; the de facto source of trusted, elegantly crafted information about successful people on the web. ‘Two years ago, nobody cared about their online profile’, says Andrew. ‘That has all changed and here at The Marque we are passionate about spearheading that change.’

With a strong client base in London, New York and Hong Kong, The Marque has recently expanded into other territories in the US, Europe and the Middle East.

Andrew Wessels’ Newsfeed

Evening Standard
Entrepreneurs: Online innovator The Marque puts stamp on polishing high-fliers’ profiles

Andrew Wessels discusses the inspiration behind The Marque with Lucy Tobin at The Evening Standard: “I was looking up successful people, trying to track their career paths to see how they’d reached the top, but all the information was so disparate…”

Fintech on Friday: Take back control of your online profile, for a fee

 “People are realising it is important to control how they are presented online,” says Andrew Wessels, founder and CEO of The Marque, a digital platform which uses search engine optimisation techniques to secure a high Google search ranking for clients. 

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Andrew Wessels’ Background

Founder & CEO
Jan 2014 - Present
London, UK
The Marque is the leading digital profile management business which manages the online presence of successful people, providing the de facto source of information about them on the web.
Storm Solutions Ltd logo Storm Solutions Ltd logo
Storm Solutions Ltd
Jan 2004 - Jul 2012
Managed Telecom provider
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Other Business Interests

Member of the Development Board
Jan 2012 - Apr 2014
London, UK
Assisted with Fundraising in support of the RESOUND education programme.

Andrew Wessels’ Education