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Ronan Dunne

EVP & Group CEO

Verizon Communications

New York, NY, USA

Ronan Dunne


Ronan Dunne is Executive Vice President and Group CEO of Verizon Consumer Group, the largest division of Verizon Communications, the leading US telecoms provider. He leads the teams responsible for delivering voice, data, television, and wireless products and services to more than 100 million Verizon consumers. Ronan and his teams have been instrumental in developing the first 5G technology network that will redefine how people live, work, and play.

Prior to joining Verizon, Ronan was CEO of Telefonica UK (O2), the leading UK wireless operator and one of the UK’s most beloved brands. Under his leadership, O2 became a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility, work that was recognized with Ronan being named the 2015 Ethical Corporation CEO of the Year.

Ronan’s industry roles speak to his leadership and expertise in the telecom world. He is on the Board of CTIA, a US telecom industry body that promotes innovation, investment, and the growing economic impact of America’s wireless industry. While he was based in the UK, Ronan was a member of the UK Government Digital Economy Advisory Group and served on the Board of the Tech Partnership.

His charitable endeavors are focused on education and providing opportunities for the next generation of leaders. Ronan serves on the Advisory Board of the Kairos Society, an organization that helps young leaders identify and solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. He is a counsellor for One Young World, which, with its annual One Young World Summit, assembles the brightest young talent from around the world to make lasting connections to create positive change and accelerate social impact. He also served as a Trustee of Step Up to Serve, a UK social action charity.

Born and raised in Dublin, Ronan maintains strong links with Ireland including memberships with the Global Irish Network and Irish International Business Network (IIBN). In 2019, the American Ireland Fund honored him with the Corporate Leadership Award.

Ronan Dunne’s Newsfeed

Celebrating the launch of a 5G milestone

On today’s special edition of Up To Speed Live, Andy was in our Chicago Innovation Lab, which is on the second floor of our destination retail store on the Magnificent Mile. Andy was joined virtually by Ronan Dunne and Kyle Malady to share an incredible moment in Verizon history.

Verizon to speak at Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference on September 9

Ronan Dunne, executive vice president for Verizon and group CEO for Verizon Consumer, is scheduled to speak at the virtual Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2020 Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference on Wednesday, September 9, at 12:35 p.m. ET. His remarks will be webcast, with access instructions available on Verizon’s Investor Relations website, www.verizon.com/about/investors/.

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Ronan Dunne’s Background

Verizon Communications
EVP & Group CEO
Sep 2016 - Present
New York, NY, USA
Verizon is one of the larget telecommunications companies globally, helping consumers to stay connected. Verizon aims to inspire tomorrow's creators to use technology to build brighter futures.
O2 (Telefónica UK)
Chief Executive Officer
Jan 2005 - Aug 2016
Slough, UK
O2 is one of the UK's most innovative telecommunications companies. Ronan was CFO 2005-2007 and CEO 2008 to 2016. In 2006 Telefónica acquired O2 plc.
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Ronan Dunne’s Gallery

Other Business Interests

Chartered Accountants Ireland
Fellow and former Council Member
Dublin, IE
Chartered Accountants Ireland is a membership body representing 27,000 influential members worldwide.
The Association of Corporate Treasurers
London, UK
The Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) is the chartered professional body for treasury, the key part in a firm's financial strategy and policy.

Previous Board Positions

Tesco Mobile
Non-Executive Director, Chairman
2005 - 2016
Slough, UK
Tesco Mobile is the UK's largest mobile virtual network operator and shares O2's network, providing 99% coverage in the UK. Ronan served as Chairman and Director.
AVG Technologies
Supervisory Board
May 2014 - Sep 2016
Amsterdam, NL
AVG Technologies was acquired by Avast, the global leader in next-gen cybersecurity products for businesses and consumers.
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One Young World
London, UK
One Young World identifies, promotes and connects the world’s most impactful young leaders to create a better world, with more responsible, more effective leadership.
Kairos Society
Advisory Board
2017 - Present
New York, NY, USA
Kairos was founded on the belief that entrepreneurs have the ability to solve the world’s biggest problems. Their purpose has always been to identify these problems and partner with the brightest founders worldwide to build truly innovative solutions.
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Up To Speed Live: Celebrating the launch of a 5G milestone
Video Series
Oct 2020
Ronan Dunne and fellow colleagues share their thanks and discuss all the work that has been put into the development and implementation of Verizon's 5G network.
The CEO Forum Group Podcast
Jun 2020
New York, NY, USA
As a leader in 5G technology and connectivity, Ronan Dunne, CEO of Verizon Consumer Group, talks about moving 100K employees to remote work in just 5 days, why 5G is more important than ever during the current healthcare and social crises, and, his 6 profound leadership principles guiding the company to lead and emerge stronger.
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Verizon Consumer CEO Ronan Dunne Shares The Six Lessons To Lead In Today’s World
Jul 2020
New York, NY, USA
Forbes contributing writer Robert Reiss shares his thoughts and what he learned from his interview with Ronan Dunne. Reiss focuses on Dunne's six lessons in leadership for today's world, notably pointing out that this type of approach led to Verizon being ranked #1 on the Forbes Corporate Responders top employers list for its response to to the Covid-19 pandemic.
“Six Lessons in Leadership”
Jul 2020
Ronan Dunne writes about his "Six Lessons of Leadership", a topic he recently had the opportunity to discuss in a CEO Forum Group podcast interview. He shares insight into how the six lessons were formed and how they continue to influence his everyday decisions as CEO of Verizon Consumer Group.
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WSJ CEO Council
New York, NY, USA
The WSJ CEO Council is a network of the world’s most influential business leaders driving the next era of industry, policy and the global economy.

Awards & Endorsements

The American Ireland Fund
Corporate Leadership Award 2019
New York, NY, USA
Our mission is to harness the power of a global philanthropic network of friends of Ireland to promote and support peace, culture, education and community development across the island of Ireland and among Irish communities around the world.
Ethical Corporation | Responsible Business Awards
CEO of the Year
Ethical Corporation Awards: "Ronan has been a clear leader in managing sustainability, putting O2 at the forefront of sustainable businesses on a diversity of topics including youth employment schemes to large industry recycling, environmental stewardship having a direct impact on both employee and consumer behaviour.”
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Public Service

Forum for the Future
Supporter and Speaker on CSR
2001 - Present
London, UK
Forum for the Future is a leading international NGO working with business, government & civil society to solve complex sustainability challenges.

Speaking Engagements

The Ireland Funds 2019 New York Gala
May 2019
New York, NY, USA
Ronan Dunne speaks at the Ireland Funds 2019 New York Gala after receiving the Corporate Leadership Award
CTIA 5G Summit
Apr 2019
Washington, DC, USA
Ronan Dunne, EVP & President, Verizon Consumer Group gives remarks during the CTIA 5G Summit in Washington, DC held on April 4th, 2019.
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