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Vadim’s News Archive

The News Archive for Vadim Fedotov

Vadim Fedotov

CEO & Co-Founder

London, UK
25 Jan 2024

Bioniq partners with Metabolic

Bioniq has announced a strategic partnership with meta[bolic], the pioneering hybrid healthcare company combining Digital Therapeutics (DTx) with human-centric clinical care. 

28 Nov 2023 | Arabian Business

DCT Abu Dhabi partners with Bioniq to elevate wellness offering at hotels

According to Vadim Fedotov, Founder and CEO of Bioniq, the company's objective is to offer outstanding health and wellness solutions, supported by Bioniq’s network of partnerships with local laboratories and manufacturing facilities in Switzerland, as well as collaborations with some of the leading medical institutions in the Middle East.

26 Sep 2023

Bioniq PRO offers up personalized supplements based on 4m data points

Bioniq Founder and CEO, Vadim Fedotov, said “I couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve done to bring this level of unprecedented precision to the supplements market.”

25 Sep 2023

Bioniq taps big data algorithms to make supplements bespoke

Bioniq was founded by Vadim Fedotov, a former German national team basketball player. 

9 Feb 2022 | TechCrunch

As startups flood the health space, Bioniq launches hyper-personalised supplements

According to the CEO and co-founder of Bioniq, Vadim Fedotov, the company believes that the future of medicine lies in data aggregation and digitization of health monitoring.

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