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Tim Whiting

Founder and Managing Director

Timothy James & Partners

London, UK

Tim Whiting
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Tim Whiting’s Biography

Tim Whiting is Founder and Managing Director of Timothy James & Partners, a financial services company founded in 1995 and acquired by The Waverton Group in December 2019. Tim remains part of the senior management of the joint business.

In his early career, Tim was a Financial Consultant at Sun Life of Canada and London & Capital as well as a Mortgage Consultant at Team Financial Services and a Shareholder of FDW Financial and Insurance Services. Having gained knowledge and expertise in financial planning, Tim was appointed Director at Tresman & Partners, an advisory firm now called Punter Southall Financial Management. Within the next 2 years, Tim founded Timothy James & Partners, a referral only financial advisory firm. His aim was to create a company built on strong long-term relationships and to this day Timothy James & Partners has over 5,000 clients, some of which have been clients for more than 30 years. The company is one of the UK’s Top 100 independent financial advisors and has over £1 billion under management and 90 staff in their offices in the West End of London. Experienced in general financial planning, Tim specialises in investment and corporate financial planning.

Tim is also Director of property advisory firm, Timothy Hallin Property Ltd, and was nominated for Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Who’s Who in 2002.

Tim Whiting’s Newsfeed

Lockdown: What needs to happen to get business trading and spark investment markets into recovery?

Whilst keeping the human side of the coronavirus in mind, we have spent some time considering the longer-term effect to the economy and the worldwide stock market. We have also looked at the immediate effect it has had to the value of investments and when the government may be able to issue guidelines to allow certain lower risk parts of the population the option to return to work to help kick-start the economic recovery.

Waverton becomes ‘real’ wealth manager with IFA purchase

" In particular, Tim Whiting is a very engaging, professional CEO and his team is very entrepreneurial, so that’s exciting for a company like ours.” Timothy James and Partners has £950m assets under advice which will be added to Waverton’s £6.2bn of assets under management, as at 30 September 2019.

Tim Whiting’s Background

Timothy James & Partners
Founder and Managing Director
1995 - Present
London, UK
Timothy James & Partners is a financial services firm, founded in 1995. The company provides financial solutions that are tailored to the client's wants, needs, objectives and financial situation to over 5,000 clients. The firm currently has over £950 million assets under advice.
Tresman & Partners logo Tresman & Partners logo
Tresman & Partners
1993 - 1995
London, UK
Tresman & Partners was founded in 1990. In 2001, the advisory firm was acquired by Punter Southall in order to increase the growth and drive of its advisory arm, PSFM.
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Tim Whiting’s Gallery

Other Business Interests

Timothy Hallin Property Ltd
2002 - Present
London, UK
Timothy Hallin Property is a property advisory firm, founded in 2011. The company assists its clients to achieve full financial potential when selling or buying a property.


The Times
Fame & Fortune: George Hammer
Nov 2009
London, UK
The Times talks to one of the biggest names in the beauty industry, George Hammer. The article discusses the management of George's financial affairs, to which George explains "Tim Whiting from Timothy James & Partners has been my money man since I started. He advises me when I want to raise money or do a deal. I've also got a central accounts team at one of my companies, Hammer Holdings.”


Timothy James & Partners: Covid-19 June Response
How the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Government are Preparing the Battleground Against COVID-19
Jun 2020
London, UK
In June 2020, Timothy James & Partners announced their June response to Covid-19. In the publication, TJ&P discuss 'how the pharmaceutical industry and the Government are preparing the battleground against COVID-19' as well as questioning why stock markets across the world have bounced back.

Tim Whiting’s Education