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Principal/Portfolio Manager

Warrington Asset Management LLC

Scott Kimple


Scott Kimple is Founder and Principal of Warrington Asset Management LLC, an alternative asset management firm specializing in options and futures trading. He is also Founder and Principal of SCK Capital and in conjunction with the Spruance Foundation supports various non-profit organizations and charitable causes. He began his career as a trading assistant at Shearson Lehman (a predecessor firm to Morgan Stanley Wealth Management), gaining experience in multiple futures and options markets and it was here that he researched, tested and honed his options-based trading strategy.

Scott Kimple’s Newsfeed

09 Feb 2018
But didn't VIX work?

Warrington Asset Management founder Scott Kimple provided a warning regarding this trend. He noted that central bank activity had kept market volatility low as the very low interest rates forced people into risk assets. “The big story is this untried untested central bank activity has caused volatility to be abnormally low. It has caused an interest in the space, especially in short volatility,” Kimple says...

06 Sep 2017
Volatility as an Asset Class

When founder of Warrington Asset Management, Scott Kimple, started trading options more than 20 years ago, most options managers were pure premium sellers. “Back then before tech homogenized a lot of trading and got everyone on the same valuation models, you did have some pretty extreme options mispricings,” Kimple says...“People say to us, ‘Your returns aren’t what they [used to be],’ We say that is because we are good risk managers. You have options traders that have made strong returns over the last few years because they have been taking excess risk. 

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Scott Kimple’s Background

Principal/Portfolio Manager
Jan 1995 - Present
Dallas, US
Offers an alternative investment strategy, focussing on trading options on S&P Index Futures, primarily using spreads, and has an 18 year track record delivering consistent, non-correlated returns with a strong focus on risk management.

Other Business Interests

Founder and Principal
Dorado, PR
The purpose of SCK is to expand the financial and philanthropic interests of the Kimple family.

Scott Kimple’s Education