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Rishi’s News Archive

The News Archive for Rishi Khosla

Rishi’s News Archive

The News Archive for Rishi Khosla

Rishi Khosla

Co-Founder and CEO of OakNorth

London, UK
21 Dec 2022 | City AM

London’s unicorns: City’s tech start-ups are bringing in the big bucks

Oaknorth Bank co-founder and CEO, Rishi Khosla, said “It has been an incredible journey over the last few years but we are just at the beginning.”

20 Dec 2022 | Evening Standard

Looking for funding? 4 investors on what they want in 2023

Rishi Khosla OBE, co-founder of Oaknorth Bank, says that hunger is the most important thing you need to succeed in the current economic climate.

9 Dec 2022 | Entrepreneur

Rishi Khosla: Those Who Think Young

Entrepreneur India talks to Rishi Khosla, co-Founder & CEO of OakNorth, as part of a new series: 'Business Hours'.

25 Nov 2022 | Bloomberg

Bloomberg UK Politics Podcast

Rishi Khosla of OakNorth Bank talked to Bloomberg Radio about what he wants from the future of UK-EU relations.

14 Nov 2022 | The Times

We can do more to bring technology companies to list on the London market

Co-founder and chief executive of OakNorth, Rishi Khosla, wrote an opinion piece for The Times.

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