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23 Oct 2023 | ERP Today

ERP Today Live! with Unit4’s Mike Ettling

Mike Ettling joins Paul Esherwood to discuss how business leaders can improve organizational resiliency and why this is an important topic in light of future business trends.

6 Oct 2023 | Forbes

Building Individual Resilience For Organizational Success

Stating that organizational resilience is ultimately dependent on how individuals react to adversity, Mike Ettling shares some questions that CEOs should be asking to help their teams understand how to be resilient in challenging times.

11 Sep 2023 | Forbes

Leading Organizational Resilience: How To Develop Good Gut Health

Stating that the most important pillar of building resilience is company culture, Mike Ettling outlines numerous ways that a company can build and maintain organizational resilience.

26 Aug 2023 | CEOWorld Magazine

The Business Case for Intelligent Transformation

Mike Ettling discusses the business case for investing in intelligent transformation and shares his insights on AI and the future of business. 

25 Aug 2023 | Solutions Review

Top 3 Ways AI-Powered ERP Software Can Drive Positive Change

Mike Ettling focuses on three key results that illustrate the value of that AI-powered ERP software: more resilient organizations; better experiences for employees and customers; stronger productivity.

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