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Michael Posner

Jerome Kohlberg Professor of Ethics & Finance, Director of the Center for Business & Human Rights

NYU Stern School of Business
New York, NY, USA
8 Feb 2023 | Forbes

Battery Push by Tesla and Other EV Makers Raises Child Labor Concerns

Michael Posner said that a starting point is for companies to acknowledge there’s a problem. "The answer is not to pretend it’s not your problem. And there’s very little being done to formalize and improve the conditions.”

13 Aug 2021 | The Irish News

Former Obama aide Michael Posner warns that Troubles' amnesty could damage British-US relations

Michael PosnerFounding Executive Director & President of Human Rights First, expresses his concern on the impact the proposed amnesty proposal regarding Northern Ireland, would have on relations between the UK and the US.

9 Aug 2021 | Find MBA

Human Rights is Gaining Greater Prominence in MBA Programs

“Business schools are tasked with equipping the next generation of leaders with the skills they need to run thriving, innovative businesses that deliver value to society,” says NYU Stern professor Michael Posner, director of Stern’s Center for Business and Human Rights. “This will require that human rights considerations are integrated into every aspect of business education.”

4 Aug 2021 | Forbes

Why The U.K. Government Still Needs To Acknowledge Its Role In Northern Ireland’s ‘Troubles’

Michael PosnerDirector of the Center for Business & Human Rights, shares his opinion on the amnesty proposal put forward by the UK government and the reasons why they need to remain accountable for their military action in Northern Ireland during the last three decades.

22 Apr 2021 | Eminetra

American Enterprises and Civil Rights: Chauvin Trial Highlights Changing Expectations

After breaking the silence about racial injustice last summer, “I [many CEOs] “OK, I’ve done what I promised,” said Michael Posner, a professor at NYU Stern School of Business, but Georgia law and more than 300 similar bills in other states changed that calculation.

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