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Liran’s News Archive

The News Archive for Liran Assness

Liran’s News Archive

The News Archive for Liran Assness

Liran Assness


The Sekta Group
Johannesburg, ZA
25 Oct 2022

Holding company acquires group focused on the mining and other sectors

Liran Assness is a co-founder of Tabono Investments, the holding company that has acquired a stake in Advanced Group.

6 Apr 2022 | Billionaire Tomorrow

How an Auschwitz survivor inspired an African Entrepreneur

African entrepreneur, Liran Assness, talks to Roberto Coelho about his grandfather who survived the holocaust and how this provided him with the inspiration to strive for success.

7 Dec 2020 | South African Jewish Report

Liran Assness: Finding Opportunity in Challenges

Liran Assness, CEO of Sekta Group, is the winner of The Kirsh Family Entrepreneur Award for bringing hope, professional excellence and business leadership during the turbulent year of 2020.