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Julian Pittam


Jules started his career at Bankers Trust in sales and trading. He spent three years in Hong Kong and Singapore with the same firm before returning to London to work for Lehman Brothers in 1999. He left Lehman in 2005 to become a partner and the Managing Director of Data Explorers, a small data, research and analytical firm. The business grew exponentially and after six years was sold to Markit.

Having taken a bit of time off, Jules became Head of EMEA for ENSO Financial which was then sold to ICAP in April 2016, at which point he left.

Jules has since become a Non-Executive Director of a number of companies and is an early stage investor in companies that can demonstrate a great idea but lack finance or business experience.

Julian Pittam’s Newsfeed

eQuoo app launches crowdfunder to improve emotional intelligence

Equoo has raised an Angel round, and the investors include Julian Pittam (Investor to Disciple Media, which just had a successful Series B fundraising), Pierre Andurand and other angels. It’s now looking to raise a further round of $1.4m.

This eQuoo app games you to into learning

eQuoo is an emotional fitness game that aims to teach you psychological skills in a fun and engaging way. You get to use those skills in a choose your own adventure game, but they are for real-life situations as well...Equoo has raised an Angel round, and the investors include Julian Pittam (Investor to Disciple Media, which just had a successful Series B fundraising), Pierre Andurand and other angels.

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Julian Pittam’s Background

Non-Executive Director logo Non-Executive Director logo
Non-Executive Director
London, UK
Chief Investment Officer
Jan 2019 - Sep 2019
Nottingham, UK
The Cannabis Oil Company is a UK based retailer of market-leading CBD products which aims to provide customers with natural, high quality cannabinoid extracts.
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Current Non-Executive Positions

Board Advisor
Feb 2018 - Present
London, UK
The wooden pallet industry consumes a staggering 40% of the world’s entire timber production. Range International Ltd has developed the ThermoFusionTM technology that enables it to make plastic pallets from 100% recycled mixed waste plastic offering a genuine sustainable solution to a very real environmental problem.
Non-Executive Director
Apr 2017 - Present
London, UK
certua is a data driven fin-tech company through which innovative software development and intelligent use of data, aims to provide real-time personalisation of financial solutions, and ongoing recommendations putting the customer right at the centre of the process.

Previous Non-Executive Positions

Non-Executive Chairman
Jun 2017 - Sep 2018
London, UK
PsycApps is a technology company that offers an application that enables individuals to obtain guidance, therapies, and advisory services about their mental health. It educates its users about mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders and more.
Board Observer - Non-Executive
Oct 2014 - Aug 2017
London, UK
I report to the Chairman and advise on the data side of the business. Money Dashboard gives you the true view of your finances by showing exactly where your money goes across all your online financial accounts. On most accounts, transactions & balances are refreshed daily, allowing you to remain up to date, at a glance, with your current financial position.
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