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Johnny Hon

The Global Group
London, UK
8 Apr 2022 | China Daily

Hong Kong can’t afford to be shortsighted with I&T development

Founder of Global Group, Johnny Hon, explains the concept of “deep tech” in a wide-ranging interview on the future of I&T.

23 Feb 2022 | China Daily

I&T to boom with more generous funding

Johnny Hon, founder of Global Group, stresses the importance of helping young I&T businesses to grow.


21 Feb 2022 | Eclipse Magazine

£100,000 Donation to Fund Racing Welfare Housing Support Officer

The £100K donation was made by Dr Johnny Hon of Global Group Racing, who is keen to encourage talent within the UK's racing industry, 

28 Jan 2022 | China Daily

Global art sales shift online, NFT prices soar

Dr Hon is quoted in this article about Hong Kong's growth into the world's second largest art auction centre, and the future NFTs have to play in global art trade.

26 Jan 2022 | Racing Post

Owner Johnny Hon donates £100,000 to support young stable staff

Global Group Racing has made a £100,000 donation to Racing Welfare to cover the salary of the Housing Support Officer during the next three years.

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