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Johnny Hon

The Global Group

London, UK

Johnny Hon
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Johnny Hon’s Biography

Dr Johnny Hon is a successful Hong Kong businessman, tech entrepreneur and a pre-eminent figure in the UK horse racing world, disrupting the sport to help it innovate and thrive.

Dr Hon has a talent for choosing, nurturing and enabling winners. His courage to take a calculated risk on an outsider using sports analytics has propelled his success at the Global Group Racing operation, which he has built at the Albert House Stables in Newmarket. This same talent, combined with Johnny's innovative and unconventional approach to business, is at the root of his success as a venture capitalist and founder of the Global Group.

Johnny has a vision for maintaining and enhancing the prestige, competitiveness and sustainability of British racing through his own input and by introducing international owners. With new ideas and a more diverse ownership, he believes that British racing can maintain its global lead with a new generation of fans and owners. Success lies in embracing disruptive innovation – and Johnny believes that with his global business perspective and credibility in the sport, he can be a catalyst for change.

In recent years, Johnny has focused his investment and business development on the technologies of blockchain, AI and augmented intelligence. The tech sector is an apex for the convergence of globalisation and economic competition.

Johnny is an entrepreneur in philanthropy who has pursued success in business as a route to giving back. He has served in senior management and advisory positions for 10 major charities and has funded scholarships, set up numerous foundations and donated to myriad charitable projects. Increasingly, Johnny seeks to do more in helping local causes and communities in his adopted second home of East Anglia as an employer, an investor and a philanthropist.

Johnny Hon’s Newsfeed

Campden Wealth
The Aspirations of Johnny Hon, Entrepreneur in Philanthropy

Johnny Hon, Founder and Executive Chairman of venture capital firm, Global Group International Holdings, on why he pursued a career that could fund philanthropy: “I came to realise that, for my own skills and abilities, the most effective way to help more people was as a businessman, rather than as a doctor or a scientist, because if I was successful, I would be able to commit far greater resources to worthy causes close to my heart.”

LUX magazine
Global businessman Johnny Hon on promoting global exchange

Johnny Hon, founder of venture capital and investment company Global Group, is on a mission to lower cultural and trade barriers between east and west to encourage commerce, charity and cultural exchange.

Johnny Hon’s Background

The Global Group
Hong Kong, HK
Johnny has built The Global Group into an international corporation with offices in the UK, Hong Kong & China and serves in a variety of senior roles in the subsidiary companies. His ventures span diverse areas with a portfolio of companies that range over banking, biotechnology, entertainment & leisure, financial services, financial technology, media, mining, property development and sports.
Global Group International Holdings Ltd.
Founder and Chairman Emeritus
Hong Kong, HK
The Global Group International Holdings Ltd. is a venture capital and angel funding business operating as an incubator and accelerator whilst also providing tailored corporate financial services. In recent years, Johnny Hon has focused his investment and business development on the technologies of blockchain and AI.
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Johnny Hon’s Gallery

Board Positions

48 Group Club
Vice President
Johnny does everything possible to promote harmonious relationships and mutually profitable trade and investment between China and the UK. The 48 Group Club has been fostering trade between the UK and China for over 70 years. International tensions rise and fall, but trade increases understanding, and Johnny lives by the Club’s motto of ‘Equality and Mutual Benefit’.

Other Business Interests

Consulate of Grenada in Hong Kong
Honorary Consul
Hong Kong, HK
Johnny is the Honorary Consul for Grenada in Hong Kong as well as the country’s Ambassador-at-Large.
Dr Johnny Hon | International Businessman & Convener
He also holds official positions with three other governments. Johnny is often consulted by Presidents, Prime Ministers and other state leaders from many countries who value his advice and insights. With each day he continues his life’s work to foster international cooperation and progress through trade, sport and philanthropy.

Previous Board Positions

Rise Art
Non-Executive Director
2017 - 2018
London, UK
Rise Art was created with the goal of championing, showcasing and development of artwork by outstanding emerging and mid-career artists.
Infinity Creative Media
2015 - 2017
Brentford, UK
Infinity Creative Media owns media content and is a principal shareholder in The Talent Bank, The Wine Show, TWS Creative and the scripted TV drama series Ravenmaster.
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Previous Advisory Roles

MX Oil Plc logo MX Oil Plc logo
MX Oil Plc
2016 - 2018
MX Oil Plc (now ADM Energy Plc) is an investment business with its focus on natural resources, minerals, metals, alongside oil and gas projects, particularly in Nigeria.
Broad Homes Industrial International Co. Limited logo Broad Homes Industrial International Co. Limited logo
Broad Homes Industrial International Co. Limited
Senior Consultant
2014 - 2018
Hong Kong, HK
Broad Homes Industrial International Co. Ltd offers technical services and consulting as the leading enterprise in the area of precast concrete manufacturing and construction.
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Dr Johnny Hon | Philanthropy
Johnny has established and sponsored, actively contributed and donated to a wide variety of charitable interests in a number of different countries. In the UK, the Global Group donated £200,000 to create the Johnny Hon Oxford Scholarship Fund for talented students. In China, Global Group helps children with congenital heart disease and Down’s Syndrome.
Dr Johnny Hon | Local Philanthropy
Newmarket, UK
Increasingly, Johnny seeks to do more in helping local causes and communities in his adopted second home of East Anglia as an employer, an investor and a philanthropist. He is especially focused on promoting human and animal welfare in racing from Newmarket, as well as sponsoring education and opportunities in technological research in Cambridge.


The Finish Line with Johnny Hon
Apr 2019
Johnny Hon is interviewed in The Owner Breeder magazine, the official publication of the Racehorse Owners Association and Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association.
Global Group Founder Johnny Hon fills us in on his diverse businesses
Nov 2018
Hong Kong, HK
Johnny Hon, Founder of the Global Group, talks about his track record of turning diverse interests into successful investments.
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Lux Magazine
Contributing Editor
London, UK
LUX is a global luxury publication with media sharing stories about people and art, design, architecture, fashion, travel, property, philanthropy and luxury goods, applying an ethos of Responsible Luxury.
Dr Johnny Hon | Publications
Cambridge, UK
Johnny has researched and written extensively about Dementia, Alzheimer's and the prevalence of these diseases in adults with Down's Syndrome.


Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments (CISI)
London, UK
The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment is an association for finance professionals around the world. The organisation ensures that all members comply with the codes of conduct and ethical guidelines while working in the securities and investment sectors.

Awards & Endorsements

Dr Johnny Hon | Awards
Awards honouring Johnny include the The Order of the Medal of Honour (Hong Kong) in 2015 to the latest Auxiliary Medical Service Commanding Officer’s Commendation in Hong Kong in 2021.
Fire Safety Ambassador Honorary Presidents' Association logo Fire Safety Ambassador Honorary Presidents' Association logo
Fire Safety Ambassador Honorary Presidents' Association
Chairperson Medal
Hong Kong, HK
The Fire Safety Ambassador Honorary Presidents’ Association (FSAHPAs) relies on local personalities (named as Honorary Presidents) to provide advice on Fire Safety Ambassadors in their areas and mentor them as appropriate.
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Specialist Courses

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The MIT Media Lab: Cryptocurrency Certificate
Cambridge, MA, USA
MIT seeks to advance knowledge in science and technology through teaching, research, and innovation and, through this, to create a better world. In 2021 Johnny completed an online course on the topic of cryptocurrency.
NYU Stern School of Business
FinTech for Executives: Understanding and Managing Innovation in Financial Technology Executive Education Program (USA)
New York, NY, USA
New York University's Leonard N. Stern School of Business is one America's premier management education schools and research centers. NYU Stern offers a broad portfolio of academic programs at graduate and undergraduate levels.

Training & Management Courses

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sloan School of Management: Applied Neuroscience: Unleashing Brain Power for You and Your People
Cambridge, MA, USA
Johnny was awarded an Executive Education Certificate in Applied Neuroscience at the Sloan School of Management at MIT in 2021.
Harvard Business School Executive Education logo Harvard Business School Executive Education logo
Harvard Business School Executive Education
Owner / President Management Program (USA)
Cambridge, MA, USA
The Owner / President Management Course is aimed at individuals seeking to develop leadership skills and personal growth whilst working on their strategic vision and go-to-market options.
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Dr Johnny Hon | Tech logo Dr Johnny Hon | Tech logo
Dr Johnny Hon | Tech
Johnny focuses his investment and business development on blockchain and AI. As a venture capitalist, he always learning and studied financial technology and cryptocurrencies at MIT and NYU. He understands the transformative impact of these new technologies and invested in the sector with a close interest in how they are shaping financial transactions and the use of big data.

Johnny Hon’s Education

SOAS University of London
M.A. Korean Studies
2004 - 2005
University of Cambridge
PhD, Psychiatry
1993 - 1998
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