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Jesus’ News Archive

The News Archive for Jesus Mantas

Jesus Mantas

Global Managing Partner

IBM Services
New York, NY, USA
15 Apr 2019 | Forbes

What Drove The AI Renaissance?

"A key to success [in the new era of AI] is to focus on the design of the human-AI interactions as much as in the AI itself," said Jesus Mantas, general manager and managing partner in IBM Global Business Services. “Many AI programs focus primarily on machine learning algorithms and training datasets, but fail to address the most important success factors...

12 Mar 2019

Cognitive supply chains are the future: here's why you need one

“We’re at a unique moment in the evolution of the supply chain where advanced technologies have matured enough to match the proliferation of data. There is a current transition among leading companies where they’re aggressively reinventing from the inside out,” explains Jesus Mantas, managing partner for global strategy at IBM Global Business Services.

25 Feb 2019

How Ibm Is Building A.i. That's Robust, Unbiased

Jesus Mantas, managing partner at IBM's Global Business Services unit, spoke to Cheddar from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, about how Big Blue is building artificial intelligence systems for consumer and business applications.

22 Feb 2019

Can the cognitive enterprise help businesses survive in a world of digital Darwinism?

Jesus Mantas, managing partner of global strategy, offerings, digital platforms, innovation and ecosystem engagement at IBM Corp: “In the digital world, being really good at something is a lot more important than in the analog world. I call it either thrive or die very quickly.”

8 Jan 2019 | Forbes

Artificial Intelligence's Renaissance: Manoj Saxena On The Next Decade Of AI -- And Beyond

For example, IBM’s Jeopardy project was more than just a publicity stunt. From a research perspective, the challenges to demonstrate a working open-domain artificial intelligence system were enormous...IBM’s head of Consulting Strategy and Cognitive Assets, Jesus Mantas, explained that winning the game show was about challenging what was possible. 

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