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Diana Chambers

Founder & Owner

The Chambers Group

Crans-Montana, CH

Diana Chambers
Rattan Chadha
Niran Chana

Diana Chambers’ Biography

Diana Chambers is a highly-respected Family Wealth Mentor and Philanthropic Advisor. She works in confidence with UHNW families to address their wealth in emotionally intelligent ways.

Diana has always been a trailblazer; she became the first woman hired into management in the Strategic Planning Team at Redland PLC. She served as the fundraiser for an educational project in Bosnia during the war and directed The Servant Leadership School in Washington, DC, preparing compassionate leadership for America’s inner cities. As a third-generation member of a UK family business with a passion to make a difference, Diana became a trusted confidante to others. On founding The Chambers Group LLC in 2002, she began her unique work as The Family Wealth Mentor™. Diana’s experiences caused her to reflect on the impact of money in her life. She now uses these experiences to advise UHNW individuals and families, bringing to light underlying values, beliefs, and aspirations as they address the challenges and opportunities of owning, spending, and allocating their wealth. Her mantra is ‘Let Your Wealth Express Your Love’.

Diana has a deep understanding of the giving space and emphasises the importance of dialogue between donors and charitable organisations. She acts as an intermediary, ensuring both parties understand each other, to build relationships that are fulfilling for all involved. Diana has an unrivalled view of the nuances of philanthropy and the conversations vital to successful philanthropy.

Known for championing the human side of money, Diana offers the essence of her work in her book, True Wealth: Letters on Money, Life, and Love, highlighting the need to be as skilled in financial emotional intelligence – the art at the heart of money – as in financial cognitive intelligence.

A keen public speaker, Diana keynotes regularly at private client events. In all she says, Diana promotes harmony between our relationships with wealth and those we love.

Diana Chambers’ Background

The Chambers Group
Founder & Owner
2002 - Present
Crans-Montana, CH
Diana founded The Chambers Group LLC in 2002 in the USA, with The Chambers Group Sàrl, founded in 2014 in Switzerland, being a continuation of her practice working with significantly wealthy families. Diana helps them to prepare for challenging situations and family transitions, develop as leaders, plan for their legacies, and enjoy their roles as philanthropists and social leaders.
The Chopra Foundation
Vice President
2001 - 2001
Carlsbad, CA, USA
Committed to improving well-being and health, The Chopra Foundation cultivates spiritual knowledge, develops consciousness and promotes world peace through fundraising for a selection of projects.
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Diana Chambers’ Gallery


Qineticare Webinar series “Embracing Change” - How Money Affects Us and Our Relationships
May 2021
Crans-Montana, CH
In an interview for Qineticare, Diana Chambers discusses the impact that money has on our relationships and how to use effective communication in addressing the challenging conversations surrounding money.
Harper's Bazaar
London, UK
Diana is quoted in the article entitled, Can you make money and make a difference? Diana highlights the potential for impact investing to build an investor’s sense of community and happiness.
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True Wealth: Letters on Money, Life, and Love
In this book, published by Altitude Press, Diana shares her reflections on how money influences us and our relationships and she gives advice on 'how to be truly wealthy'. Her book contains a series of letters that pose questions about money that clients and friends have asked Diana on a regular basis, and her answers reflect her broad experience in this field.
UBS Wealth Management
London, UK
Over the course of the Covid-19 lockdown, Diana wrote several articles for UBS Women Forum. In this article, Diana examines the five ways that we can nurture resilience in our children. These include telling your family story, understanding money messages, discussing budgets, initiating money conversations, and being generous.
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Speaking Engagements

Family Enterprise Xchange Symposium
Halifax, CA
The Family Enterprise Xchange Symposium is a forum that allows enterprising families and advisors to connect, support and be educated by the family enterprise community. In June 2017, Diana was interviewed by Ruth Steverlynck, Founding Partner of Your Family Enterprise Advisors, for the Symposium. Their topic of discussion was ‘Conversations the Rising Generation Want to Have About Wealth’.
STEP Global Congress
Zürich, CH
Diana has spoken for STEP – the global professional association for practitioners who specialise in family inheritance and succession planning – in both Geneva and Zurich and was due to be one of the speakers at the 2020 STEP Global Congress which had to be postponed because of the Covid-19 outbreak.
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Business Interests

Impact Investor logo Impact Investor logo
Impact Investor
Diana extends her commitment to philanthropy through investing personally for social impact. She has committed to a handful of early-stage investments, primarily in the health and wellness space but also benefitting refugees.
Outset Contemporary Art Fund
Member of the Steering Committee
London, UK
Founded in 2003, Outset Contemporary Art Fund is a philanthropic organisation dedicated to supporting and funding new art through private donations from patrons, partners & trustees to art projects & public museums. Outset gives strategic advice, brokers new relationships, builds communities of interest, expands public audiences, and creates circles of trust.

Diana Chambers’ Education

The University of Edinburgh
Bachelor of Commerce
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Edinburgh University Placement Year

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