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Dan Diker


Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
Jerusalem, IL
4 May 2022 | Jewish News Syndicate

Why did ‘The Harvard Crimson’ decide to take on Israel?

In this article, Dan Diker discusses The Harvard Crimson‘s April 29 editorial, which spoke in support of BDS's claims against Israel.

1 Apr 2022

Walking together across Abraham’s bridge

In this article for The Times of Israel, Dan Diker explores the idea of building cultural bridges between Jews and Arabs in Israel and the role played by the non-profit Israel Tennis and Education Centers in building a brighter future.

24 Feb 2022 | The Jewish Chronicle

Arafat used the 'apartheid Israel' smear – but it goes back even further

In this article for The Jewish Chronicle, Dan Diker examines the political accusations that were used in the recently published Amnesty International’s report.

1 Feb 2022 | Jewish News Syndicate

The Amnesty report on Israel affirms the PLO’s 60-year ‘apartheid’ strategy

Dan Diker, in this article for Jewish News Syndicate, shares his opinion as he examines a recent Amnesty International report in which several organizations have made political attacks on Israel.

24 Jan 2022 | The Jerusalem Post

Has the Palestinian 'apartheid assault' backfired?

Dan Diker, in this published opinion piece for The Jerusalem Post, explains the potential impacts resulting from Palestinian apartheid propaganda in the Middle East as well as in the West.

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