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Christian Nellemann

Founder and CEO

XLN Business Services

London, UK

Christian Nellemann
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Christian Nellemann is the CEO and Founder of XLN. He is passionate about small businesses and set up XLN in 2002 to champion their needs. XLN is a business that pools their collective buying power to deliver meaningful savings and is now the leading and fastest growing specialist in the sector, supplying essential services across the UK.

Christian has received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award twice and in 2014 he was inducted into their prestigious Global Hall of Fame. He also holds the BCVA CEO of the Year award and the CX Silver Award for Tech Entrepreneur of the Year.

Christian Nellemann’s Background

XLN Business Services
Founder and CEO
Jan 2002 - Present
XLN, founded in 2002 as XLN Telecom, is the UK’s largest independent provider of telecom services to small businesses in Britain having over 130,000 business customers across the country.
Euroffice Ltd
Jan 1999 - Jan 2005
Euroffice is the UK’s leading online provider of office products and services to the SME market, using an internet-only business model. Christian started the company in 1999 having previously been involved in building OfficePoint & OfficeStar. He sold his stake in the company to Darwin Private Equity in 2010 and ceased his involvement with the company.

Christian Nellemann’s Gallery

Christian Nellemann’s Education

Handelshoejskole Syd
Bachelor of Science (BSc)
1986 - 1989