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The News Archive for Bonnie Hagemann

Bonnie’s News Archive

The News Archive for Bonnie Hagemann

Bonnie Hagemann

Chief Executive Officer

EDA, Inc.
Kansas City, MO, USA
15 Aug 2023 | Real Life Real Leaders Podcast

Lessons in Life and Leadership from Former Disney Vice President Dan Cockerell

From parking cars to presiding over Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, Dan Cockerell shares his professional journey, which includes 18 years with Walt Disney and his current endeavor, Cockerell Consulting Group.

18 Jul 2023 | Real Life Real Leaders Podcast

Breaking Through Glass Ceilings and Finding Your Fit with Roberta Sydney

Bonnie Hagemann welcomes Roberta Sydney to her podcast to discuss the importance of understanding company culture and, among other topics, her impressive career and the challenges she faced along the way.

2 May 2023 | Real Life Real Leaders Podcast

Speak up or lose out with Maricella Herrera

This episode tells the story of Maricella Herrera's upbringing in El Salvador, her formative years witnessing the conflict, and her path to becoming CEO. Maricella reveals the milestones of her interesting career path and unpacks the significant life lessons she learned along the way

25 Mar 2023 | ACT-IAC

The Future of Federal Work: Thinking Outside the Beltway

Bonnie Hagemann will be a featured speaker at the Future of Work event presented by the American Council for Technology - Industry Advisory Council. The event takes place on April 12th at 8:00 a.m. at the Richard Bolling Federal Building in Kansas City.

11 Jan 2023 | EDA Inc.

What Does a Good Executive Coach Do?

Bonnie Hagemann discusses how a seasoned executive coach can help transform a business and its leadership.


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