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Bonnie’s News Archive

The News Archive for Bonnie Hagemann

Bonnie’s News Archive

The News Archive for Bonnie Hagemann

Bonnie Hagemann

Chief Executive Officer

EDA Inc.
Kansas City, MO, USA
9 May 2022 | InHerSight

The Problem with Groupthink in the Workplace? Everything.

Bonnie Hagemann, along with co-author, Stephanie Lorentz O., discuss what leads to groupthink, its effect on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and three ways to resolve groupthink at work.

26 Apr 2022 | EDA Inc.

Top Priorities in Executive Development

Bonnie Hagemann addresses five high-priority aspects of executive development, including the need to address key business issues and challenges and build awareness of the new technology.

12 Apr 2022 | Real Life Real Leaders Podcast

Real Life Real Leaders | Episode #24 - Andrea Silbert

Bonnie Hagemann welcomes Andrea Silbert, President at Eos Foundation, to the podcast to discuss her life and career journey.  

21 Mar 2022 | The Corporate Purpose Podcast

Nurturing Authentic Leadership with Bonnie Hagemann

Bonnie Hagemann joins host Karen Bailey to discuss the importance of creating the right company culture, what she has learned throughout her various leadership roles, and the role that both women and men have in bringing more diversity to the boardroom.

13 Jan 2022 | Be Brave at Work!

Episode 180: Bonnie Hagemann

Bonnie Hagemann joins Ed Evarts to discuss leadership in the workplace and what 'brave' leadership means to her. The two also discussed Bonnie's extensive experience and how it has provided a strong foundation for her work today.

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