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Anmol Bhandari

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Cians Analytics

New York, US

Anmol Bhandari


Anmol Bhandari is Founder & CEO of Cians Analytics, a firm that provides superior research and data analytics for financial institutions worldwide. Anmol is an experienced executive and seasoned entrepreneur with expertise in developing research solutions and innovative data services.

Cians, with its team of experienced financial professionals, offers managed services with flexible engagement models that easily adapt to clients' changing needs, allowing them full control over the entire process.

Anmol is also Founder & CEO of Lever Data, a data ingestion platform and service built with the world’s largest quant funds that ingests, validates and monitors large datasets for corporations and financial services so that downstream decisions are made correctly. Its services provide unparalleled data transparency, data management and client support.

Born in India and raised in New Jersey, Anmol learned early on to embrace the importance of family. This influences his approach to business today. An example is PerUs Wines, an exclusive, membership-only wine allocation company based in Napa Valley, that he founded with the inspiration and support of his family. PerUs allows Anmol to express his creativity, create meaningful experiences and actively engage in his winemaking curiosity.

He is a Principal at Turnbull Capital, an investment firm specializing in real estate assets, and serves as an Advisor to DotAlign, a software startup that analyzes relationship data. Prior, he was on the early team at Copal Partners, through its growth period and eventual sale to Moody’s Analytics, before which he worked in the Hedge Fund Securities Group at Goldman Sachs.

Anmol has a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Villanova University and completed the OPM Program at Harvard Business School.

Anmol Bhandari’s Newsfeed

Jet Linx Celebrates Fifth Anniversary of Exclusive Member Benefits Program with Five New Partnership

PerUs: A collective of dynamic individuals sharing stories over wine, the PerUs wine allocation provides Jet Linx clients with a community of wine enthusiasts, access to vibrant experiences and a selection of premium wines not normally available to the public.

Washington Wine Blog: Perus wines

PerUs was founded by Anmol Bhandari who was born and raised in New Delhi, immigrated to the United States and built a successful career in finance... Anmol was introduced to Dustin Wilson, Master Sommelier, and they both would travel to the Napa Valley to research both vineyards and winemakers. Dustin introduced Ammol to Russell Bevan, one of the world’s great winemakers. 

Anmol Bhandari’s Background

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Aug 2008 - Present
New York, NY, USA
Cians Analytics supports the research and analytical needs of a wide range of financial institutions, including private equity firms, family offices, portfolio companies/corporates, investment banks, and hedge funds.
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Jan 2017 - Present
New York, NY, USA
Lever Data executes, validates, and monitors the process of getting data from its source to your data environment. Lever Data focuses on transparency and reliability in the data supply chain.
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Current Non-Executive Positions

New York, NY, USA
DotAlign provides software that delivers relationship insights. Our software automatically extracts intelligence from data sources to connect people and build relationships.


New York, NY, USA
PerUs CEO Anmol Bhandari talks with Forbes and discusses the PerUs brand, its wines, and how consumers can get their hands on the rare bottles it offers.

Anmol Bhandari’s Education

B. Sc. Electrical Engineering