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Amy Holmwood


Origen Vodka

Washington, DC, USA

Amy Holmwood
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Amy Holmwood’s Biography

Amy Holmwood is a health and wellness entrepreneur and advocate of holistic health solutions. She is also the Founder of Origen Vodka, a gluten free, non-GMO superfood vodka.

Origen Vodka was founded in response to the growing global movement towards a more health-conscious approach to all aspects of life, including a desire for more sustainable manufacturing practices. It was developed with botanical ingredients that minimize the negative effects of alcohol on the liver and reduce oxidative stress, resulting in an experience of improved overall wellness while minimizing impact to the environment.

Amy is engaged in the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) market, an emerging area in the health and wellness community and one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. Using her personal experience of overcoming childhood asthma and Lyme disease, Amy embraces genomic sciences that focus on natural alternatives and healthy eating. She encourages the use of Nutrigenomics and Biohacking in exploring individual solutions and sees this as the future of disease prevention and in the treatment of aging.

With a knowledge base built upon three decades of experience in the insurance and financial industries, Amy is still active as a consultant and advisor in the Life Insurance industry with AgencyONE. Previously, her focus was on providing HNW individuals with advice on estate and liquidity planning, international insurance and asset protection planning. Amy was previously a board member of the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting (AALU) and President and board member of Forum 400, an advisor-driven life insurance industry think tank.

Amy earned a BBA in International Business from the George Washington University. She also completed the Strategic Negotiation and Dealmaking Executive Program at Harvard Business School and holds the Nutrition Science Certification from the Stanford Center for Health Education.

Amy Holmwood’s Background

Origen Vodka
Aug 2018 - Present
Washington, DC, USA
Origen Vodka was created with the goal of providing a detoxifying alcoholic beverage that increases the body’s own protective antioxidants in order to minimize the negative side effects associated with alcohol, reduce oxidative stress and minimize hangovers.
Templepride, LLC
Managing Member
Aug 2012 - Present
Rockville, MD, USA
Amy educates and promotes science-based longevity supplements in a new area of health science called Nutrigenomics and Biohacking through her company Templepride, LLC.
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Amy Holmwood’s Gallery

Previous Board Positions

Association for Advanced Life Underwriting (AALU)
Board Member
As of February, 2020, the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting (AALU) and GAMA International combined under the banner of Finesca. AALU offered life insurance planning for members, clients, industry, and the public in the state of Virginia.
Forum 400
President and Board Member
Chicago, IL, USA
Forum 400 is the only industry organization whose singular focus is advancing the sale of life insurance products. Limiting membership to the 400 highest-performing life insurance professionals in the US, Forum 400 allows members to share practical strategies and fresh ideas.


Amy Holmwood Podcast: The Emergence of Genomics and Nutrigenomics
Amy Holmwood discusses the new industries of the future and how to maintain one's health by controlling gene expression through Nutrigenomics, which unlocks the DNA's key to better health and longevity.


FINRA logo FINRA logo
Series 7 License
Washington, DC, USA
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA) is a non-governmental organization that regulates member brokerage firms and exchange markets.


Wellness Blog
Amy writes about numerous health and wellness-related topics, including tips for a healthy diet and lifestyle, exercises to rejuvenate the mind and body, destressing techniques and exercises, and meditation.
Thrive Global
New York, NY, USA
Amy Holmwood has written about her personal experiences as an advocate for healthy lifestyles, dietary health, and the health and wellness community and its future.


Conscious Capitalism, Inc.
Senior Leader Network
New York, NY, USA
Conscious Capitalism supports a global community of business leaders dedicated to elevating humanity through business. It provides executives with innovative and inspiring experiences designed to improve their business operations and demonstrate that capitalism can be a powerful force for good.
Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)
Lifetime Member of Top of the Table
The MDRT is an international network of leading insurance and investment financial services professionals and advisors. Amy is a lifetime member of the leadership group, 'Top of the Table'.

Specialist Courses

Stanford Center for Health Education (SCHE)
Nutrition Science
Aug 2020
The Stanford Center for Health and Education has the goal of sharing Stanford University’s interdisciplinary expertise in medicine and health with learners around the globe.

Training & Management Courses

Harvard Business School logo Harvard Business School logo
Harvard Business School
Executive Education: Strategic Negotiation and Dealmaking
Cambridge, MA, USA
In Strategic Negotiation and Dealmaking program, executives learn how to bring together the right players, identify and address key issues, and develop the best process for each deal—all before the negotiations even start.

Business Partners

Wamberg Genomic Advisors
Founding Investor
San Diego, CA, USA
Wamberg Genomic Advisors provides affordable access to genomic testing technologies. Its vision is to reduce the burden of disease by democratizing access to clinical grade and actionable genomics technologies.
Bluestone Life
Founding Investor
Burlington, VT, USA
Bluestone offers more than insurance and annuities. Its products provide economic value and make a positive social and environmental impact.
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Amy Holmwood’s Education

Johns Hopkins University
Master of Science | Biotechnology
2019 - 2021
George Washington University
BBA | International Business
1984 - 1986
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