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Amanda’s News Archive

The News Archive for Amanda Hindlian

Amanda’s News Archive

The News Archive for Amanda Hindlian

Amanda Hindlian

President of Fixed Income & Data Services

The Intercontinental Exchange
New York, NY, USA
21 Mar 2022 | TMC

ICE Launches Biotechnology Index Futures and Semiconductor Index Futures Contracts

ICE has announced the launch of the ICE Biotechnology Gross Total Return Index and the ICE Semiconductor GTR Index futures contracts, which will continue to help market participants keep up with trends in the global economy, according to Amanda Hindlian.

16 Mar 2022 | Morningstar

Investortools Adds ICE Bonds’ Muni Market Data to the Investortools Dealer Network

Amanda Hindlian speaks on the ways that ICE's bond data and tools will help expand Investortools' platform while also aiding investors into making more informed decisions.

10 Mar 2022 |

UK Government’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Adopts ICE Connect for...

Amanda Hindlian comments on ICE's commitment of partnering with innovative companies and businesses in order to best monitor environmental and utility markets and provide its customers with the best and most efficient tools.

3 Feb 2022 | Markets Media

Record Quarter at ICE Boosts 16th Year of Record Revenues

In this article, ICE's executives comment on the company's strategy of diversifying the business and its overall digital strategy as a means of improving revenue. ICE has reported record revenue numbers for 2021.

19 Jan 2022 |

Thematic, Climate and ESG ETFs Drive Expansion in ICE’s Asian Index Business

Amanda Hindlian speaks on ICE Fixed Income & Data Services' effort to leverage and diversify businesses to generate new investment opportunities and returns to compete with the traditional market.

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