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Abdoulaye’s News Archive

The News Archive for Abdoulaye Ndiaye

Abdoulaye Ndiaye

Chairman and Founder

Grizzly Mining Limited
Kitwe, ZM
21 Mar 2024 | National Jeweler

Grizzly Sells 4,145-Carat Emerald for Over $1M

Abdoulaye Ndiaye, founder and chairman of Grizzly, offered his congratulations to the winning client of the exceptional 4,145-carat stone and thanked Grizzly's international partners who participated in the auction.

12 Dec 2023 | Forbes

‘Gem In The Rough’: A Look At Zambia’s Ever-Growing Emerald Industry

Grizzly Mining's Chairman, Abdoulaye Ndiaye, features and is quoted in this article about Zambia's leadership in the global emerald industry.

1 Dec 2023 | Crown Publications

Strong demand for emeralds underpins investment in Grizzly mine

Grizzly Mining's Abdoulaye Ndiaye has said that their acquisition of the Olympic licence is likely to extend the life of Grizzly's current open pit mine by at least twenty years.

13 Aug 2023 | Rapaport

Grizzly Records Highest-Ever Emerald Sales

Chairman of Grizzly Mining, Abdoulaye Ndiaye, was quoted in this article and said that proceeds from this record-breaking sale will be used to expand the mine.