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Victor Brick

CEO | Ohana Growth Partners, LLC

Co-Founder | John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation
Miami Beach, FL, USA
17 Jan 2024 | All Things Fitness and Wellness

Transforming Fitness: Brick Bodies' Rise & Mental Health Mission

In this interview, Lynne and Victor Brick discuss the founding of Brick Bodies and their personal experiences, particularly Victor's brother's battle with mental health issues, which fueled their commitment to mental health advocacy.

2 Jan 2024 | CBS News

Where's Marty? At Brick Bodies in Timonium getting tips for working out

Marty Bass of CBS News Baltimore heads to Brick Bodies in Timonium to talk with Victor Brick who shares some tips for people going as part of their New Year's resolutions.

10 Nov 2023 | Fitness Technology Summit

The 2023 Fitness Technology Summit

Victor Brick, along with his wife, Lynne, led a talk titled 'Minds in Motion: Integrating Mental Health Wellness'. Among other topics, they addressed the current mental health crisis and gave actionable insights on integrating mental health and well-being into marketing, employee training, and member journeys. 

12 Oct 2023 | PR Newswire

John W. Brick Foundation Launches the Mental Wellbeing Association

The Mental Wellbeing Association is the World's First Certification Organization Focused on Mental Well-Being. "We started the Mental Wellbeing Association... to be at the forefront of the mental well-being renaissance that is underway today," said Lynne and Victor Brick

16 Aug 2023 | citybiz

Planet Fitness Adding Monroe, WA Location

“Planet Fitness believes fitness is essential to our physical and mental health and we are thrilled to invest in Monroe and bring our Judgement Free Zone® to the community,” said Victor Brick.

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