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Tom Chapman


Tom Chapman is an investor in early-stage companies and co-founder of MATCHESFASHION.COM.

He invests in committed founders to grow disruptive mission-driven businesses that leverage technology to deliver a better service to customers.

His work as an investor builds on his experience founding MATCHESFASHION.COM , operating at the forefront of the changing face of retail for more than 30 years. With his wife Ruth, they grew the company from a single store to a global luxury fashion brand with a reputation for nurturing talent and introducing designers, such as Versace and Prada, to the UK.

Under his leadership, MATCHESFASHION.COM invested heavily in technology, enabling the company to better understand the lives of its customers; provide a fast, convenient and highly personalised service; and connect with customers in new ways through rich content and storytelling.

MATCHESFASHION.COM was one of the first luxury brands to go online in 2007. From website launch, the company grew at up to 100 percent annually, raising £20 million in 2012 for a minority stake, before accelerating from a valuation of £76m to an acquisition price in excess of $1 billion five years later. It also pioneered blended retail, complementing digital with private-shopping concepts such as No. 23 and 5 Carlos Place.

Like MATCHESFASHION.COM , Tom's investments challenge the status quo and have strong brands that build deep, personal relationships with customers, and place special importance on social responsibility, inclusiveness and environmental impact.

Having been named as "trailblazers" by The New York Times and "pioneers" by VOGUE, Tom & Ruth were awarded Draper's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017. Described as a "retail innovator", he was inducted into the Business of Fashion Hall of Fame in 2018.

Tom Chapman’s Newsfeed

FOOD FOR KIDS trailblazer Cerebelly: 'Veggies are the first ingredient in all of our products … and

Based on research from Canadian neurosurgeon Dr Teresa Purzner - best known for her pioneering work with novel approaches to tackle childhood brain cancer – Cerebelly seeks to give babies the key nutrients their growing brains need, exactly when they need them.

The Times
Q&A with investor Tom Chapman

Tom Chapman set up the luxury retailer in 1987 with his wife, Ruth... Since then, Tom, 56, has invested in start-ups such as beauty brand Heyday, size- inclusive fashion label Universal Standard and medical cannabis supplier Caliva.

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Tom Chapman’s Background

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Chapman Family Office
Sep 2017 - Present
London, UK
Tom is an early-stage investor with an investment portfolio that spans multiple industries including technology, logistics, beauty, fashion, health, and medical cannabis.
Co-founder and Board Member
Jan 1987 - Present
London, UK
MATCHESFASHION.COM has grown from a single store in London to a global luxury fashion brand, with more than 95 percent of sales online and 85 percent internationally. It was one of the first luxury brands to go online in 2005 and one of the first to launch 90-minute delivery in 2016. In 2017, MATCHESFASHION.COM won Luxury Brand of the Year at the prestigious Walpole British Luxury Awards.

Other Business Interests

Apr 2019 - Present
London, UK
OHNE is a UK-based tampon subscription and feminine health brand.
Investor and Board Member
Mar 2019 - Present
Cerebelly is a US-based baby food business which focuses on nutritional requirements around the developmental stages of growth from birth to the age of three.
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