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Timur’s News Archive

The News Archive for Timur Tillyaev

Timur’s News Archive

The News Archive for Timur Tillyaev

Timur Tillyaev

Philanthropist, Entrepreneur & Sustainable Investor

Geneva, CH
20 Aug 2022 | European Business Review

Sustainable Investors Welcome EU Move to Classify Nuclear Energy as a Green Investment

Timur Tillyaev is among other investors who support the initiative to make investing in nuclear power easier.

25 Jul 2022 | Sustainable Review

Investors Demand Green Building Amid New Real Estate Boom

Sustainable Investor Timur Tillyaev is recognised in this article by Sustainable Review as an industry expert, commenting on sustainable building and how it is no longer optional.

3 Jun 2022 | Sustainable Review

How Nuclear Energy Can Shape Sustainable Energy in Europe

Timur Tillyaev, an international investor in renewable energy, talks about nuclear power, becoming energy independent, and how nuclear power is one of the cleanest sources of energy.

20 May 2022 | Euractiv

Is nuclear the overlooked solution for EU’s energy woes?

In this opinion piece, Timur Tillyaev shares his thoughts on how accelerated plans to close nuclear plants should be reconsidered in light of the current energy crisis. 

2 May 2022 | Econotimes

Sustainable investors highlight the need for companies to mitigate social risks

Timur Tillyaev is quoted in an article about the importance of addressing social issues in the corporate sphere, and how these issues have increased in recent years, especially after the pandemic.

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