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Thomas Feddo

Fmr. Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Investment Security (CFIUS)

National Security Expert & Advisor
Washington, DC, USA
16 Mar 2023 | C-SPAN

Thomas Feddo on China's Investments in the U.S

Thomas Feddo appeared on C-SPAN to discuss potential security risks posed by China’s investments in the U.S.

15 Feb 2023 | RealClearDefense

Three Years’ Delay to Rein in TikTok

Tom Feddo outlines the national security risks that TikTok poses, while discussing the stalemate behind a still-active 2020 presidential order to counter the risks. 

7 Feb 2023 | Financial Services Committee

Financial Services Committee Hearing: Combatting the Economic Threat from China

Tom Feddo joined other geopolitical and financial leaders for a hearing that examined risks to U.S. interests posed by China’s economic and geopolitical actions, what the U.S. can do to mitigate these actions, the Defense Production Act, and more.

29 Sep 2022 | Foreign Investment Watch

At hearing on outbound screening: Risks, approaches & consequences

At a recent hearing of the United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, national security experts, including Thomas Feddo, discussed approaches to and consequences of outbound foreign-investment reviews.