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Stephen’s News Archive

The News Archive for Stephen Fitzpatrick

Stephen’s News Archive

The News Archive for Stephen Fitzpatrick

Stephen Fitzpatrick

Founder & CEO, Vertical Aerospace

Founder & Group CEO, OVO Energy
London, UK
Founder & Group CEO, OVO Energy
1 Sep 2022 | The Telegraph

We must bail out households or squander another chance to fight the energy crisis

Stephen Fitzpatrick, founder of OVO Energy, wrote a comment piece for the Daily Telegraph outlining his ideas on how to tackle the energy crisis.


18 Jul 2022 | The Times

Babcock looks for greener alternative to helicopters

Government and military contractor, Babcock International, is partnering with Vertical Aerospace, founded and run by Stephen Fitzpatrick.

16 Jul 2022 | The Times

Farnborough could be hailed as the start of the sky taxi

Vertical Aerospace is the brainchild of Stephen Fitzpatrick and plans to start production of its VX4 aircraft in 2025.

16 Jul 2022 | The Telegraph

Why flying cars are a lot closer than you think

Stephen Fitzpatrick believes this is the most exciting period in aviation history in the last 70 years.

4 Apr 2022 | Simple Flying

Vertical Aerospace Has Sold 1,350 eVTOL Flying Taxis To Date

Sales of Vertical Aerospace's electric aircraft have exceeded expectations. Founder and CEO Stephen Fitzpatrick says eVTOLs will change the way people travel in cities with high population density.

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