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Sol’s News Archive

The News Archive for Sol Zakay

Sol’s News Archive

The News Archive for Sol Zakay

Sol Zakay

Chairman & CEO

Topland Group
London, UK
23 Feb 2023

Jewish Care hosts 35th Topland Group Business Lunch

Eddie and Sol Zakay were thanked for their generous sponsorship of Jewish Care’s Topland Group Business Lunch, which raised over £400,000 to support the charity's vital services. 

18 Jul 2022 | Financial Times

Property developers bet on City of London’s appeal with new towers

Sol Zakay, chair and chief executive of Topland, believes that there has been an overreaction to the shifting dynamics of the City’s office market.

29 Jun 2022

Sport and talent agency moves into new West End headquarters via £21m acquisition facility

Sol Zakay, chairman and CEO of Topland Group, commented: “The Prime central London market has been recovering since the pandemic and our structured finance division is well placed to support our clients in acquiring sites.