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Sheffield’s News Archive

The News Archive for Sheffield Hale

Sheffield’s News Archive

The News Archive for Sheffield Hale

Sheffield Hale

President & Chief Executive Officer

Atlanta History Center
Atlanta, GA, USA
24 Mar 2023 | 11 Alive

Over 40 people join mayor's Atlanta Public Safety Training Center task force

Sheffield Hale is one of over 40 experts that have joined the task force established by Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens. The task force will provide input on the planned Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, according to a release from the city.

5 Mar 2023 | Scripps News

Reflecting on Selma’s ‘Bloody Sunday’ 58 years later

“It was a point in time where you could really see the sacrifice people made and the difference it would make, and it was made in real time,” said Sheffield Hale. "They sacrificed their bodies for voting in this country and moving the country forward.” 

12 Jan 2023 | LA Times

How Stone Mountain weaponized art against Black people, in a compelling new documentary

Discussing The Atlanta History Center's new documentary on Stone Mountain, “Monument: The Untold Story of Stone Mountain", Sheffield Hale says, “Does this park memorializing the Confederacy represent where we as Georgians want to be in the 21st century?”

12 Jan 2023 | The Economist

The truth about Stone Mountain’s giant Confederate memorial

This article discusses a new documentary from The Atlanta History Center titled “Monument: The Untold Story of Stone Mountain". The documentary takes a historical look at Stone Mountain's confederate monument.

23 Nov 2022 | The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Progress toward Stone Mountain truth-telling exhibit a ‘positive step’

Sheffield Hale called the mountain “the only monument in the country that has a built-in museum at its base that has the sufficient space to tell its entire story.”

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