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Roy Salame

Managing Director, Head of Global Investment Opportunities Group (Ret.)

J.P. Morgan Private Bank

New York, NY, USA

Roy Salame


Roy Salame was most recently Managing Director, Head of Global Investment Opportunities Group at JP Morgan. Prior to this, Roy was Vice Chairman of Global Commodities where he was responsible for senior commodities and client relationships. Preceding this, Roy spent nearly 14 years at Goldman Sachs based initially in London then moving to New York, where he was a Managing Director and Head of Oil, Metals and Mining and Forest Products in the US and Latin America. Roy also sits on the Board of B*CURED.

Roy Salame’s Background

Managing Director, Head of Global Investment Opportunities Group (Ret.)
May 2016 - Jun 2019
New York, NY, USA
Roy manages over 100 investment and credit professionals covering over 1000 clients from 5 offices globally. GIO provides coverage to some of the firm's most sophisticated clients with opportunistic absolute returns investment ideas by facilitating institutional level implementation across asset classes through an integrated team approach.
Vice Chairman - Global Commodities
Oct 2008 - May 2016
New York, NY, USA
Roy joined JPMorgan in October 2008 and is responsible for senior commodities client relationships and for the origination and management of large strategic deals globally. In this capacity, Roy is a member of the Global Commodities Management team and the Americas Sales & Marketing Executive team. Most recently, Roy was Managing Director and Global Head of Sales and Structuring for Commodities.
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Other Business Interests

Jan 1990 - Present
Washington, DC, USA
Chartered in 1821, The George Washington University is a private research university in Washington, D.C.
Member of the Board
Greenwich, CT, USA
B*CURED was founded in 2008. The organization’s primary goal is to help find a cure for brain cancer through research grants. B*CURED has raised over $1,000,000 from over 2,200 donors and has funded 14 research grants.
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Current Non-Executive Positions

Member: Energy Advisory Committee
2019 - Present
Washington, DC, USA
Founded in 1961, The Atlantic Council is a nonpartisan organization committed to strengthening U.S. global leadership and engagement in partnership with allies.

Roy Salame’s Education

MBA in Finance and Investment