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Rory St Johnston

Founder & Managing Director

McLaren Capital

Godalming, UK

Rory St Johnston
Anthony St John
Ian Stafford
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Rory St Johnston’s Biography

Rory St Johnston is the founder and Managing Director of McLaren Capital, a boutique wealth management business based in the South East of England. With his knowledge of the financial services sector, McLaren Capital has enabled Rory to establish a successful business using the latest thinking in client management as well as developing other entrepreneurial enterprises alongside.

Prior to forming McLaren Capital Rory was Managing Director of Truestone Asset Management, a private client and corporate financial services company based in the city of London, for 15 years.

Rory St Johnston’s Background

McLaren Capital
Founder & Managing Director
Jun 2008 - Present
London, UK
McLaren Capital is an award winning private investment and wealth management business providing advice to families, private individuals, trusts and companies, using an innovative and transparent investment approach. We have extensive experience in most aspects of investment and planning and pride ourselves in serving our customer with clarity and objectivity.
Truestone Asset Management
Managing Director
Jun 1993 - Apr 2008
London, UK
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Other Business Interests

Sprint Enterprise Technology Limited logo Sprint Enterprise Technology Limited logo
Sprint Enterprise Technology Limited
Non-Executive Chairman
Apr 2011 - Present
London, UK
Sprint Enterprise Technology has been founded to exploit a significant gap in the market for modern, easy-to-use and highly integrated applications for financial advisers to help them manage client wealth reviews and reports. Sprint also aggregates data from all of the major settlement platforms and provides feature rich valuations and a client portal.
Elliot Brown Watches
Board Advisor
Jun 2013 - Present
London, UK
Elliot Brown have a range of affordable, but fiercely strong, watches that are British designed. Established by the founder of Animal, the clothing business, they have a wealth of experience in building a UK Brand. They are growing steadily as a great new player in this exiting field.
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Rory St Johnston’s Education

Cheltenham College logo Cheltenham College logo
Cheltenham College
1979 - 1984
1974 - 1979

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