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Reshma’s News Archive

The News Archive for Reshma Kewalramani

Reshma’s News Archive

The News Archive for Reshma Kewalramani

Reshma Kewalramani

CEO & President

Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Boston, MA, USA
24 May 2021 | Endpoints News

Inside Vertex 3.0: Can Reshma Kewalramani repeat one of biotech's biggest success stories?

Dr. Kewalramani speaks on the difficulties for her first days as CEO of Vertex in the middle of a global pandemis, as well as her plans for the company's success in the future.

8 Apr 2021 | India New England News

Vertex CEO Reshma Kewalramani to Receive Golden Door Award

Dr. Kewalramani was recognized by The International Institute of New England with Golden Door Award for her achievements as the President and CEO of Vertex.

9 Dec 2020 | Boston Business Journal

Reshma Kewalramani: 'It's about raising your hand, raising your voice'

Reshma Kewalramani, CEO and President of Vertex Pharmaceuticals is profiled in honour of her 2020 Boston Business Journal Woman Who Mean Business award.

1 Sep 2020 | Business Insider

100 People Transforming Business

Reshma Kewalramani, MD, was honored for her work at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, notably the research and development for a drug that represents a "functional cure for about 90% of patients diagnosed with cystic fibrosis." She aims to lead Vertex in transforming or curing two, three, or four more diseases in the next decade. "I would love to do what we’ve done in cystic fibrosis multiple times, and I see that as entirely possible,” Kewalramani says.

31 Jul 2019 | Bostonia

Trailblazing MED Alum to Lead Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Reshma Kewalramani says of her new role as CEO of Vertex Pharmaceuticals, “We have a talented and dedicated team of people across the company that I will be incredibly proud to lead.”