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Reid Maclellan, M.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Cortina Health, Inc.

Chattanooga, TN, USA

Reid Maclellan
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Reid Maclellan’s Biography

Reid Maclellan, MD is the Founder and CEO of Cortina Health, Inc.

Cortina Health is a healthcare technology company that offers a concierge level end-to-end telehealth skincare experience. By combining patent pending artificial intelligence with its national network of board-certified dermatologists, Cortina Health provides patients a superior quality of care from the comfort of their own home.

As an Adjunct Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital, Reid lectures on translational medical research. Reid serves on the board of DIAGNOS, a Canadian software company, and shares his expertise as an advisor to dermatology practice management group, Proactive Dermatology Group.

Reid is involved with philanthropic initiatives, including the Maclellan Foundation Inc, Christian Education Charitable Trust, and RL and KH Maclellan Foundation. He is a trustee of Gordon College and sits on the International Councilors of the Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center for Science & International Affairs. He also serves as the chairman of Above the Clouds, a program that helps teens and children suffering from life-threatening illnesses. Reid was a Finance Committee Member of Massachusetts Medical Society and a member of the Alliance Charitable Foundation.

He co-hosts ‘The Voice of Healthcare,’ a podcast that discusses the major strides that can be achieved through healthcare technology. The podcast explores the intersection of disruptive technologies and the healthcare industry, among other related topics. Reid is invited to lecture across the world and publishes contributions to the field of vascular anomalies and lymphedema.

Reid graduated magna cum laude with a BS in psychology from the University of Alabama, Birmingham and an MD from the University of Alabama School of Medicine. He also earned a postdoctoral master's from Harvard Medical School.

Reid Maclellan’s Newsfeed

Healthcare Tech Outlook
Cortina Health: Utilizing A.I. to Restore the Care in Healthcare

Cortina Health's vision is simple: to restore the care in healthcare and improve patients and physicians' quality of life, beginning with the body's largest organ, our skin. To acomplish this goal, Cortina Health accompanies the patient through his/her entire skincare journey.

PR Web
Advancements Series to Explore the Latest Developments in Teledermatology

“By combining our national network of board-certified teledermatologists with our proprietary AI implemented technology, we are able to provide a concierge, level end-to-end skincare solution for our patients from the comfort of their own home,” said Cortina Health Founder and CEO, Reid Maclellan, MD.

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Reid Maclellan’s Background

Cortina Health, Inc.
Chief Executive Officer
Jan 2018 - Present
Chattanooga, TN, USA
Cortina Health is a healthcare technology company that offers a concierge level end-to-end telehealth skincare experience.
Boston Children's Hospital
Associate Director of Research | Department of Plastic Surgery
Jul 2014 - Jan 2018
Boston, MA, USA
Boston Children's Hospital is one of the largest pediatric medical centers in the United States and provides comprehensive health care services to children from birth to the age of 21.
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Reid Maclellan’s Gallery

Current Board Positions

Board of Directors
Mar 2018 - Present
Quebec City, CA
DIAGNOS is a Canadian software company that aims to improve the decision making process across a range of industries, including natural resources, healthcare, and entertainment, by combining contextual imaging and traditional data mining.
Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, at Harvard Kennedy School
International Councilors
2020 - Present
Cambridge, MA, USA
The International Council is a prestigious group of senior business leaders and former government officials who care deeply about our mission to advance research, ideas, and leadership for a more secure, peaceful world.
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Previous Board Positions

Massachusetts Medical Society
Board of Trustees & Finance Committee
Jul 2013 - Sep 2017
Waltham, MA, USA
The Massachusetts Medical Society is one of the most established medical associations in the United States that consists of over 25,000 medical professionals, including physicians, medical students, and residents.
Massachusetts Medical Society and Alliance Charitable Foundation
Board of Directors
Jul 2013 - Sep 2017
Waltham, MA, USA
The Massachusetts Medical Society and Alliance Charitable Foundation are committed to improving the quality and accessibility of healthcare across Massachusetts.

Current Advisory Roles

PDG - Proactive Dermatology Group
Board of Advisors
Mar 2020 - Present
St. Petersburg, FL, USA
Proactive Dermatology Group (PDG) is a dermatology practice management group that offers a range of back-office services including administration, billing, compliance, payments and technology support.


Above the Clouds
Norwood, MA, USA
Above the Clouds offers flying programs for children and teens who have a serious illness or disability, are underserved, or facing other significant challenges. Its programs promote education and as an instrument for young people to feel a sense of excitement and accomplishment.


The Voice of Healthcare
Chattanooga, TN, USA
The Voice of Healthcare explores the growing impact of technology in healthcare (e.g., AI, voice-first, telehealth, venture capital). Co-hosted by Dr. Matt Cybulsky and Dr. Reid Maclellan. Communicating insightful expertise at the nexus of healthcare and technological advances in the global community, we cheerfully showcase instrumental, influential, and innovative ideas and experts.
The Voice of Healthcare, Episode 37: Nashville's Covid Czar, Dr. Alex Jahangir
Jan 2021
Dr. Cybulsky (Founder, IONIA) and Dr. Maclellan (CEO, Cortina Health) meet with Dr. Alex Jahangir, Chairman of the Metro Nashville Board of Health as he coordinates the city's Covid 19 response and provides leadership across the Nashville metro area and state of Tennessee.
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Liposuction for Swelling in Patients with Lymphedema
Senior Author
Nov 2017
Lymphedema is frequently a disabling consequence of cancer staging. Liposuction can considerably reduce swelling and may improve lymphatic drainage in an affected limb. This intervention is worthy of additional study...
Expression of Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Receptor in Vascular Anomalies
Lead Author
Mar 2014
The mechanism for the growth of infantile hemangioma and vascular malformations is unknown. Follicle-stimulating hormone secretion mirrors the life cycle of infantile hemangioma and increases during adolescence, when vascular malformations often progress. The purpose of this study was to determine whether vascular anomalies express the receptor for follicle-stimulating hormone...
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Awards & Endorsements

The Plastic Surgery Foundation
Bernard G. Sarnat Excellence in Grant Writing Award
Dr. Maclellan was recognized with The Bernard G. Sarnat, MD, Excellence in Grant Writing Award for his exceptional research contribution to The Plastic Surgery Foundation's grant program.
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
Best Paper Presentation-Craniomaxillofacial Session
Arlington Heights, IL, USA
Dr. Maclellan was honoured by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for producing the 'Best Paper Presentation-Craniomaxillofacial Session' in 2013.
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Academic Appointments

Harvard Medical School logo Harvard Medical School logo
Harvard Medical School
Instructor of Surgery
Jul 2014 - Present
Boston, MA, USA
Founded in 1782, Harvard Medical School is the graduate medical school of Harvard University and is located in the Longwood Medical Area of Boston, Massachusetts.
Boston Children's Hospital
Instructor of Surgery
Jul 2014 - Present
Boston, MA, USA
Boston Children’s Hospital is a leading center for pediatric health care and is the primary pediatric program of Harvard Medical School.
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Speaking Engagements

Respada Global Healthcare Summit
Panel Member
Jul 2020
Dr. Maclellan, Founder and CEO of Cortina Health, took part in a panel titled 'Healthcare Technology Trends' at the 2020 Global Healthcare Summit presented by Respada. The panel included pioneers in the healthcare industry from around the world.

Reid Maclellan’s Education

Harvard Medical School
M.M. Sc. Vascular Anomalies
2011 - 2013
University of Tennessee College of Medicine Chattanooga
General Surgery Resident
2010 - 2011
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