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Pierre’s News Archive

The News Archive for Pierre Andurand

Pierre Andurand

Chief Investment Officer

Andurand Capital
Attard, MT
Andurand Capital
29 Dec 2022 | Bloomberg

Hedge Fund Trader Andurand Says Oil Demand Could Surge

Pierre Andurand has said that global oil demand could rise as much as 4% next year if the world fully emerges from Covid restrictions.

27 Sep 2022 | Financial Times

How Europe can adapt to living without Russian gas for years

Pierre Andurand, founder and CIO of Andurand Capital Management, suggests that by turning thermostats down by 3°C, Europe can reduce much of the demand for Russian gas.

26 Sep 2022 | Bloomberg

Pierre Andurand on What Europe Needs to Do This Winter

Pierre Andurand talks to Bloomberg’s Odd Lots podcast about how Europe can survive without Russia's fuel.

22 Jul 2022 | Bloomberg

Hedge Fund Star Andurand Sees Oil Demand Bouncing Back to Trend

According to star trader Pierre Andurand, demand for oil may be above expectations, even if the global economy falters.

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