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Pierre Andurand

Chief Investment Officer

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Attard, MT
Andurand Capital
22 Nov 2023 | Bloomberg

OPEC+ might require deeper cuts

Hedge fund boss Pierre Andurand has said that OPEC+ may make deeper oil production cuts after surprising growth in US supply.

9 Nov 2023 | Bloomberg

Oil Trader Andurand Sees Supply as Trigger for Price Slump

Pierre Andurand, hedge fund manager, has been quoted as saying that the better-than-expected supply of crude oil has led to the price slump.

24 Oct 2023 | Bloomberg

Andurand: Oil needs to hit $110 a barrel before supply curbs ease

Oil trader Pierre Andurand predicts Saudi Arabia will maintain supply curbs until oil prices hit at least $110 per barrel.

10 Feb 2023 | Financial Times

Top trader believes Putin has lost the energy war

According to Pierre Andurand, Europe has successfully reduced its reliance on Russian natural gas.

6 Jan 2023 | Bloomberg

Andurand Says Oil May Surpass $140 a Barrel as Asia Reopens

According to hedge fund manager Pierre Andurand, oil prices may exceed $140 a barrel this year.

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