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Managing Director

Lunzer Wine Group

Peter Lunzer


Peter Lunzer has over 35 years’ experience in all aspects of investing in fine wines. He originally specialised in supplying fine wines to the UK Hotel and Restaurant trade. Since having bought and sold wine, lectured and written about it and become a noted expert in the wines of Bordeaux, he became a pioneer in wine investment as co-founder of The Wine Investment Fund in 2003.

Peter’s formulation of the Price Step Theory greatly enhanced The Wine Investment Fund’s returns. With average returns of nearly 2% per month over its five year term, the Wine Investment Fund’s performance far exceeded market expectations.

Peter is unique in both his total understanding of wine and his independence. He has further developed the Price Step Theory investment philosophy into the Wine Price Ratio, a tool that informs investment decisions based on how far wine has moved along its natural path of changing price as the quantity of stock decreases, yet the wine improves in taste and its desirability for connoisseurs.

With a unique ability to explain the subject to all, Peter has developed an enviable network of contacts and connections within the industry. His reputation goes before him to provide the ideal platform with which to launch Lunzer Wine Group in Hong Kong.

Peter is always delighted to share these more practical experiences with investors and regularly organises tasting trips for investors and corporate entities alike to give connoisseurs a full wine experience.

Peter Lunzer’s Newsfeed

Wine is for Drinking - or is it...?

Peter Lunzer writes: "Should we buy wine as an investment,or to drink it - or both? ... We all have an ability to experience pleasure and to share it with others, while at the same time, with careful advice and guidance, to make a profit from those passions..."

Lunzer Wine Events plans to ‘de-snob’ wine events

Ever feel out of your depth at a wine tasting? Can’t spot the notes of toasted bracken? Peter Lunzer, of Lunzer Wine Events has launched a global initiative to take the supposed snobbery out of it.  Aiming to deliver wine consumers honest, down to earth descriptions of the wines they’re drinking, as apposed to what he feels are quite outlandish ones. The initiative follows 20 years of research in which the behavior of wine tasters was analysed.

Peter Lunzer’s Background

Managing Director
Jul 2015 - Present
London, UK
Lunzer Wine Group offers a range of bespoke, wine acquisition options for private investors. For clients who would like to acquire wines, Lunzer offer the opportunity for them to create their own portfolios, held in their own bonded warehouse account or delivered to a location of their choice.

Other Business Interests

Oct 2018 - Present
Since 1991 Peter has hosted wine themed events for a broad range of clients. Banks were the core of the business but with the onset of regulation they have been superseded by Tech, Legal, Private Equity and Insurance industries. Lunzer Wine Events Limited is currently raising funds having received HMRC approval that shares issued will qualify for EIS Tax Relief.
Founder & CEO
Nov 2016 - Present
London, UK
A Fine Wine trading company specialising in the wines of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Rhone and a selection of iconic labels from other parts of the Old World. We have also included some highly sought after wines from the New World. Our clients are multi-national but each time Sterling devalues our Far East clients are the first to pick up the phone!

Peter Lunzer’s Education

1980 - 1982
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Oundle School
1975 - 1977