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Peter Barbey


Barbey Capital Management, LLC

Peter Barbey
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Peter Barbey’s Biography

Peter Barbey followed in his family’s long tradition in the publishing world that dates back to 1796. He served as the President and CEO of his family’s company, The Reading Eagle Company, which owned the Reading Eagle and South Schuylkill News newspapers, WEEU AM radio, Pretzel City Productions, and REP printing. Peter also was the Publisher of The Village Voice, a weekly newspaper located in New York.

Peter has long given his time to civic and charitable committees, currently including Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights and Trinity Church Wall Street. Along with his wife, Pamela, and his son Matthew, he directs the Edwin Barbey Charitable Trust. This organization provides funds for a range of important causes, including human rights, arts & culture, science and medicine, youth programs, and many others in New York and throughout the rest of the United States.

Peter Barbey’s Background

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Barbey Capital Management, LLC
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Edwin Barbey Charitable Trust
Reading, PA, USA
The Edwin Barbey Charitable Trust makes charitable donations for arts, human rights, medical, and other causes, notably in Pennsylvania, Arizona and New York City, as well as nationally.
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Other Business Interests

The PEN America Gala
Gala Committee
2020 - Present
New York, NY, USA
The 2020 PEN America Gala is a crucial moment for the arts community to stand together in recognition of our deserving Honorees and to fortify its mission at a time of extraordinary needs and demands.


RFK / Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights
New York, NY, USA
Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, founded in 1968, is led by human rights activist and lawyer Kerry Kennedy and advocates for a more just and peaceful world. Working alongside local activists to ensure lasting positive change in governments and corporations, the RFK team includes leading attorneys, advocates, entrepreneurs and writers united by a commitment to social justice.