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The News Archive for Paul Kempe

Paul’s News Archive

The News Archive for Paul Kempe

Paul Kempe

Managing Director

City & Provincial Properties Plc
London, UK
30 Mar 2022 | The Business Desk

Creative industries community to launch northern base in Yorkshire

Paul Kempe, Co-Founder of Tileyard, is quoted in this article by The Business Desk, regarding Tileyard North's expansion into Yorkshire.

7 Feb 2022

Levelling Up: Cabinet Office Minister Nigel Adams backs Tileyard North plans & export opportunities

Nigel Adams met with Tileyard London Co-Founders Nick Keynes and Paul Kempe during his visit to the creative hub.

7 Jul 2021 | Audio Media International

Tileyard North joins Wakefield’s Long Division Festival as sponsor

Paul Kempe, Tileyard North Co-Founder and Owner said: “We are delighted to be working with Long Division, an outstanding local festival with a reputation for nurturing and supporting emerging talent, we see this as a long-term partnership for Tileyard North and are looking forward to being able to collaborate further with Long Division at Tileyard North in the years to come.”

1 May 2020

Tileyard heads to Yorkshire

Paul Kempe, Managing Director of Tileyard said "We are definitely going to run an education programme there too and we have already been in talks with universities."

3 Apr 2020

Tileyard London confirms Wakefield expansion to link UK creative industries


Paul Kempe said: “We can’t wait to see what opportunities Tileyard can provide to the creative industries in the north…We hope people will want to visit from local areas and further afield to experience what will be a thriving, vibrant community – to create, to meet, to eat and should they wish, stay in our new on site hotel!”

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