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The News Archive for Nygina Mills

Nygina’s News Archive

The News Archive for Nygina Mills

Nygina Mills

Senior Executive | General Counsel | Risk & Compliance Officer | Board Member

Federal Executive Branch
Washington, DC, USA
Federal Executive Branch
21 Aug 2023 | Harvard Business School

Building Trust in the Age of AI: Ensuring Responsible Innovation

Nygina participated in this event hosted by the Digital Design Institute at HBS, with a focused discussion on the ethics of AI as an emerging area of corporate strategy. A range of important questions were discussed, including: How do we run companies with algorithms? Will AI and machine learning (ML) help us make responsible, data-driven decisions? Does AI have a positive impact on equity and inclusion for minority groups? How do we balance the value of algorithmic insights with individuals’ privacy rights? 

18 Aug 2023 | The American Bar Association

AI & Robotics 2023

On October 9th & 10th, Nygina Mills will participate in the ABA’s fifth annual AI and Robotics National Institute, which will bring together law firms, government, and in-house attorneys as well as business leaders to cover important topics in AI and robotics law and policy.

10 May 2023 | Harvard Business School

HBS Alumni Conference: Accelerating Climate Solutions

Nygina will participate in this event that will provide a discussion around what it takes to discover, develop, scale, and achieve meaningful progress on climate solutions. Through expert panels, case discussions and networking, participants will consider the role of the firm, individual business leaders, and HBS, as well as new business and investment opportunities.

28 Apr 2023 | The George Washington University

GW Business & Policy Forum: Attacking Cybersecurity Risks

Nygina Mills will take part in the event that will convene corporate leaders, cyber-policy experts and regulators to discuss innovative solutions that shape the future of cybersecurity and how businesses can best prepare for risks.

26 Apr 2023 | The American Bar Association

The EU Artificial Intelligence Act: Regulating Uncharted Waters

Nygina Mills participated in a discussion that focused on the European Parliament's recently approved final draft of the EU AI Act. This first-of-its-kind act proposes a risk-based governance scheme that will create new requirements across a broad scope of entities and jurisdictions. 

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