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Nancy Garrison Jenn

CEO, Expert Advisor on Headhunters

Nancy Garrison Jenn

London, UK

Nancy Garrison Jenn
Nancy Garrison Jenn
Aldo Garbagnati
Mark Gearan
Harvard Kennedy School

Nancy Garrison Jenn’s Biography

Nancy Garrison Jenn is an expert advisor on headhunters and partnership strategy for C -suite and NED hiring. She is an international authority on the executive search profession and is the CEO and founder of a specialist advisory boutique on best practice in partnering with search firms.

In her capacity as an expert advisor, she consults to private equity clients such as BainCapital, Sun Capital, AEA Investors, Actis, Rothschild, to financial institutions such as Vanguard, and to sovereign wealth funds -such as ICD (Investment Corp of Dubai) on the selection of executive search firms worldwide. Her expertise includes knowledge of best headhunters in emerging markets including the Mideast, Africa and China.

She divides her time between her consultancy firm on best headhunters, serving as a global advisor on headhunters to Manchester Square Partners and LHH Penna and lecturing to executive MBAs at Oxford Said and HEC. She also chairs a highly influential networking group of talented professionals in Europe and is the author of many EIU/ Economist research reports and books on search including "Headhunters and How to Use Them" and "The Global 200 Executive Recruiters". In addition, Nancy serves as Board Advisor for CareerPoint, a career advancement coaching service.

Prior to her success in the recruitment industry, Nancy worked in global marketing and brand management for renowned companies like LVMH, Time Warner and Atari. In her early career, Nancy took on similar roles at Gillette and Revlon in Brazil and South Africa.

She is pursuing the Meyler Campbell Mastered program, is Hogan certified, and she obtained a Master’s Degree from Yale University. She resides in London and Miami.

Nancy Garrison Jenn’s Background

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Nancy Garrison Jenn
CEO, Expert Advisor on Headhunters
Jan 2010 - Present
London, UK
Nancy Garrison Jenn runs a global consultancy which advises on headhunters for C suite ad NED hiring. She offers counsel on the selection of headhunters and best practice in partnering with search firms worldwide.
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
Global Advisor & Coach On Executive Search
Jan 2017 - Present
Oxford, UK
Established in 1996, Saïd Business School at Oxford University is one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. The school currently offers 11-degree programmes.
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Other Business Interests

Meyler Campbell
Mastered Coaching Programme
Epsom, UK
Founded in 1999, Meyler Campbell is an institute of coaching. The organisation trains senior people to coach within their companies at the highest standard.
Hogan Assessment Certified Coach
London, UK
Hogan was established in 1987 by two doctors, Joyce and Robert Hogan. The Hogan Assessment is a science-based personality assessment for business and career development that is based on data and research from more than three decades.
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Current Board Positions

Board Advisor
May 2021 - Present
George Town, KY
CareerPoint is a career advancement coaching service, which aims to help young people progress in their careers, as well as to redress the balance for historically disadvantaged groups.


Headhunters and How to Use Them
London, UK
Headhunters and How to Use Them is manual on how to navigate the executive search market. It provides recommendations and direction for both firms and job seekers on how to make use of headhunters effectively.
The Global 200 Executive Recruiters
London, UK
The Global Executive 200 Recruiters outlines a list of 200 leading recruiters for executive talent across the world. Executive search authority and author, Nancy Garrison Jenn, details the varied backgrounds and expertise of each recruiter, to facilitate a successful process for both organisations and candidates.
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Speaking Engagements

IRC Global Conference
Keynote Speaker
Oct 2020
Established in 1993, the IRC Global Executive Search Partners is ranked as the world's largest executive search alliance. The IRC Global Conference is held every year to discuss experiences and the latest trends in the executive search business.

Nancy Garrison Jenn’s Education

Yale University
Masters in Management